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Language Learning Tips for Beginners

Tips on how to learn a new language

Learning a new language is undoubtedly one of the best decisions one can make: it improves the way you think, enriches your knowledge and opens so many doors, both personally and professionally. However, many may argue that despite being very useful, it is also a difficult target to reach.

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Romania beautiful country Guide ESL for students: essay in UK colleges

How to Practice Essay Prompts for UK Colleges: Guide for ESL Students

Essay prompts are statements (usually 1 to 3 sentences long) that introduce a topic, idea or an issue and are concluded by one or more questions. It can be said that they are more detailed alternatives to topics: a prompt serves as an introduction to the subject matter and is supposed to be a starting point for the student’s written answer to the raised issue. For example: “Many people claim to have gone through some life-changing experience that altered their mindset and outlook on life. Is it true in your case? Tell about such experience and how it influenced you”.

Essay prompts are often used in English writing classes and, most notably, in college entrance exams. Many exams (SAT, for example) post prompts used in their essays online, allowing students to practice writing them before they try to participate in the real thing. It is especially important for ESL students who doubt their command of English is enough to write such an assignment. The best place to find SAT and ACT prompts is PrepSchooler – unlike the official websites it keeps them all organized on single pages, although ACT’s and SAT’s official websites have a lot of supplementary information like samples and preparation tips.

If, however, you ask yourself, “How are these prompts going to help me with my preparations?”, let us give you some tips.

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10 places to visit in The Netherlands

Have you ever been to the Netherlands? The country is known as one of the smallest in the world. It is also a very understated country. In this article, we would like to give you a small impression about The Netherlands by showing 10 very nice places.

I am sure you have ever heard about the country with all the mills where everyone should wear clogs, ahum, the Dutch cheese and all the fields filled with tulips.

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Home is where your heart is

How to deal with homesickness?

Feeling lonely in a big world

Let me tell you something about homesickness. I think that almost everyone knows what I am talking about. Homesickness is something that follows you everywhere. But is it true that it is the same with everyone? No, every single person has to deal with homesickness in his or her own way. You don’t have to do what everyone says, but you can listen to their advice. It is up to you to do something about it. Is quitting an option? Sure, but you will probably regret that for the rest of your life.




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Dijkpoorter in Hattem, Netherlands

Hattem, Hanseatic city in The Netherlands

I would like to tell you more about Hattem, my hometown in The Netherlands. But first of all, I would like to introduce myself again. My name is Judith, I am 22 years old and I live with my parents, one older brother, and two younger sisters. I do the course of Executive Secretary / Management Assistant at Deltion College in Zwolle. I work as an intern by the company Hola People, which is based in Liverpool.


I live in Hattem. A gorgeous Hanseatic city in the eastern Netherlands located on river The IJssel. This 800-year-old city has a rich history. I would definitely recommend you to visit Hattem. It is very touristic and everything is in walking distance. The history is not there without town-gate the Dijkpoorter, the windmill, the church, the city wall, the history from the very first beginning and of course the story and monuments behind World War 2.

The church in Hattem

What to do?

There are three museums to see in Hattem. My favorite museum is “Bakkerijmuseum”. Here you can see how the baker made his bread back in the time. During your visit, you can make your own bread as well – which is also fun for the kids. Hattem has a shopping mall, good restaurants and places where you can drink and talk about your visit in this charming place. For a drink, I would recommend you to go to Banka (Address: Markt 5). Here you have the view of the historical inner. Also, I would like to recommend you to go to Herberg Molecaten (Address: Molecaten 10). That is a restaurant which is based in the forest. The food is good and the staff is very friendly. After that, you can take a walk in the forest. As much of things you can visit, there is nothing better than a walk in the forest. Hattem is the beginning of the Veluwe. The Veluwe is a forest-rich ridge of hills in the province of Gelderland. You can also visit other beautiful Hanseatic places near like Kampen, Zwolle, and Elburg.

Restaurant in the forest of Hattem

Back in the time in Hattem










Hattem is located on river The IJssel. You can rent a boat in the form of a clog or a canoe and paddle on the water to see more from the nature of Hattem. Or you can take a walk at the port. You can do the tour with a guide to see every place and to hear the history behind it. Hattem goes back in the time every year with an event called “Dikke Tinne”. At this day, Hattem shows how the people lived back in the 17th century.

The event Dikke Tinne in Hattem


Bungalow parkMolecaten park in Hattem

Do you want to go on a vacation to Hattem? Vacation park Molecaten is located in the forest. You may choose between the camping or a bungalow. There is an indoor and outdoor swimming pool and a playground for the children.



As much as I love to be in England for a while to get more life experience and to see more from the world, I will always find my way back home. And my home is placed in this charming Hanseatic place called Hattem.

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Let your life dance

Everybody loves to dance, yet we feel that not everyone is  good in performing. Our body automatically responses to rhythm as well to music. All our senses are being tuned in the minute we listen to music, we can feel the way emotions are being expressed. The way the tones are uplifting or down to earth. Bringing in the connection with our emotional body and memories. I know as a kid I was always being struck deep in my heart when the marching bands passed down our streets. At a concert by a band with only a rhythm section, the first song they played opened my heart so wide open, tears started to flow.

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Social Language Learning improves confidence

Fear of socialising?

Can you talk with a person you just met? Are there awkward silences? Do you not know what to say? We are people and we all have fears and many times the fears can be present when we are in front of people that we have just met. There are people who open up less and some who open up more, but why does this happen?

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Learn languages

9 Ways To Learn A Language Fast

Acquiring knowledge is considered as an art. Language learning by acquiring language skills is assuming more important in learning. Motivation is one of the most important factors in determining successful second-language acquisition.

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The Importance of English

The importance of learning languages


In this day and age it is essential to speak, write and understand the English language. It is an extremely important way that will allow doors to your future to be opened. Opportunities such as travelling for work, studying abroad as well as networking will become available to you through knowing English.

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