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Romania beautiful country

10 places to visit in The Netherlands

Have you ever been to the Netherlands? The country is known as one of the smallest in the world. It is also a very understated country. In this article, we would like to give you a small impression about The Netherlands by showing 10 very nice places.

I am sure you have ever heard about the country with all the mills where everyone should wear clogs, ahum, the Dutch cheese and all the fields filled with tulips.

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Spanish internship Madrid

My experience abroad in Madrid

My name is Judith, I am 22 years and I was born and raised in the Netherlands. I do the course of Executive Secretary / Management Assistant. For my last internship, I decided to take things bigger than I did before. I wanted to do an internship abroad. While I was searching the internet, I saw a Spanish company based in Liverpool. I have always wanted to go to the UK and this company got me from the first moment. I applied for an internship position as a secretary and I got an answer within two days. During the mailing, I was even more enthusiastic than I was before. Because it is not that busy during Christmas, they gave me the opportunity to join the headquarters office in Madrid for nine weeks. They offered me free English classes and a lot of experience. I decided to take this internship.

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Home is where your heart is

How to deal with homesickness?

Feeling lonely in a big world

Let me tell you something about homesickness. I think that almost everyone knows what I am talking about. Homesickness is something that follows you everywhere. But is it true that it is the same with everyone? No, every single person has to deal with homesickness in his or her own way. You don’t have to do what everyone says, but you can listen to their advice. It is up to you to do something about it. Is quitting an option? Sure, but you will probably regret that for the rest of your life.




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Dijkpoorter in Hattem, Netherlands

Hattem, Hanseatic city in The Netherlands

I would like to tell you more about Hattem, my hometown in The Netherlands. But first of all, I would like to introduce myself again. My name is Judith, I am 22 years old and I live with my parents, one older brother, and two younger sisters. I do the course of Executive Secretary / Management Assistant at Deltion College in Zwolle. I work as an intern by the company Hola People, which is based in Liverpool.


I live in Hattem. A gorgeous Hanseatic city in the eastern Netherlands located on river The IJssel. This 800-year-old city has a rich history. I would definitely recommend you to visit Hattem. It is very touristic and everything is in walking distance. The history is not there without town-gate the Dijkpoorter, the windmill, the church, the city wall, the history from the very first beginning and of course the story and monuments behind World War 2.

The church in Hattem

What to do?

There are three museums to see in Hattem. My favorite museum is “Bakkerijmuseum”. Here you can see how the baker made his bread back in the time. During your visit, you can make your own bread as well – which is also fun for the kids. Hattem has a shopping mall, good restaurants and places where you can drink and talk about your visit in this charming place. For a drink, I would recommend you to go to Banka (Address: Markt 5). Here you have the view of the historical inner. Also, I would like to recommend you to go to Herberg Molecaten (Address: Molecaten 10). That is a restaurant which is based in the forest. The food is good and the staff is very friendly. After that, you can take a walk in the forest. As much of things you can visit, there is nothing better than a walk in the forest. Hattem is the beginning of the Veluwe. The Veluwe is a forest-rich ridge of hills in the province of Gelderland. You can also visit other beautiful Hanseatic places near like Kampen, Zwolle, and Elburg.

Restaurant in the forest of Hattem

Back in the time in Hattem










Hattem is located on river The IJssel. You can rent a boat in the form of a clog or a canoe and paddle on the water to see more from the nature of Hattem. Or you can take a walk at the port. You can do the tour with a guide to see every place and to hear the history behind it. Hattem goes back in the time every year with an event called “Dikke Tinne”. At this day, Hattem shows how the people lived back in the 17th century.

The event Dikke Tinne in Hattem


Bungalow parkMolecaten park in Hattem

Do you want to go on a vacation to Hattem? Vacation park Molecaten is located in the forest. You may choose between the camping or a bungalow. There is an indoor and outdoor swimming pool and a playground for the children.



As much as I love to be in England for a while to get more life experience and to see more from the world, I will always find my way back home. And my home is placed in this charming Hanseatic place called Hattem.

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Bordeaux, UNESCO heritage

France’s cultural wealth is based on the diversity of its regions and cities in the territory. Amongst them, Bordeaux has been elected “the place to be” in 2017 by Lonely Planet, the travel guide leader. A ranking including cities like Cape Town, Los Angeles or even Seoul.

Bordeaux has nothing on Paris given the plurality of its cultural infrastructures. Indeed, registered at the world patrimony by UNESCO, it is easy to enjoy spots like:

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Champs Élysées

Why visit France?

The world is such a big place and maybe you have already visited a lot of countries during your holidays, weekend trips, or even for work. But now you might be asking yourself, “What should I do?” “Where can I go?” or “I want to see something different”. Why not go to France?

France is a beautiful country, with a wonderful culture and is full of surprises.

Why is it worth visiting France then?

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Galicia landscape

Discovering Galicia – Natural Landscapes

Galicia is one of the most unknown regions of Spain. However, when you visit it for first time, you will remember it for its landscapes, people and gastronomy. Galicia is located in the north west of Spain and it has a total area of 11,418.7 sq m with 1,030 m of coastline. Galicia is the seventh largest autonomous community of Spain and has two official languages: Galician and Spanish.

In this article, we are going to present some of the most impressive natural landscapes to enjoy yourself and discover all the charm this autonomous community has to offer.

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Discovering Galicia – Cultural Heritage

Galicia has an extensive cultural heritage, legacy of the numerous villages that historically occupied the region, such as the Celts, Romans or Suebi, amongst others.

In this article we will present some examples of the ample cultural heritage that you will discover when you visit Galicia. Here are some of the most notorious places you cannot miss:

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Learn Spanish and live Spanish culture

Living learning Spanish in Spain

Learning a foreign language is indeed one of the greatest and most beneficial things you can do in life. When starting to study a new language you don´t simply study grammar and vocabulary but you open up to a brand new world. You get in touch with another culture by learning about the local traditions, the typical food, the traditional music, and dances. Moreover, you make your life easier while travelling and also have the opportunity to talk with local people.

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