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Our Philosophy

Travelling abroad is often a challenging experience, but at the same time very gratifying. It opens the mind to new ways of looking at life, and it can boost your self-confidence. Learning a new language is also a valuable asset, especially when such language is spoken in much of the world. We are committed to providing personal, high quality and good value services to our clients, and with 7 years of experience in the industry accompanied by our own experiences travelling around the globe, we are able to understand which options are best for you.

There are times in life when it is not clear which step to take next. In those cases we recommend trying something new, to learn and compare. To live in a foreign country —either for a short or long period— often serves as inspiration for the fulfillment of our dreams and desires.

If you want to live in Spain or in another foreign country, and enjoy the weather, the culture and the friendly people, then there is not much more we can say: Go!

Instead of starting from nothing, we give you the chance to travel with the security and knowledge that you are going to receive an income and have accommodation arranged even before you book your flight!

About Us

Aula ingles & Hola People
Hola People is the new United Kingdom branch of Aula inglés. Aula inglés is a well-established international group of companies, with offices in Spain and the United Kingdom, providing a range of highly demanded services in Education, Work, Leisure and Travel. Aula inglés has won several prizes for its excellence in customer service, contributions to the community and its status as a highly regarded place of work.

We are professionals in the teaching of Spanish and English as a Foreign Language. If language is culture, we believe that learning languages can unite cultures, broaden minds and horizons in an increasingly global world.

After years of helping Spanish people to travel abroad, study English and work in the United Kingdom, we took the next step in order to offer British people the chance to visit Spain and learn about not only its increasingly demanded language, but to taste its rich and vast culture. We provide:
* Jobs in different countries
* Language courses in different countries
* Fun and cultural activities in the United Kingdom

Through our different services we help our customers learn a foreign language, connect with people and immerse them in the language experience.

If either by necessity, curiosity or interest you have got here, we invite you to browse the opportunities we have to offer. We are convinced that this will be of use to you, and that you will start to understand our passion for the English-Spanish cultural exchange.

Our Mission

To serve our clients as an inclusive hub where they can awaken their consciousness and develop their self esteem, motivation, and their personal and entrepreneurial skills through a series of accelerated training courses and workshops, as well as to find the resources to exploit such competences by using our provided work and travel opportunities, and connect with each other in this growing multicultural community, in order to give mutual support and inspiration, and build healthy relationships.

Our Values are honesty, integrity, kindness, respect and constant improvement.

Team UK

Esteban Tejedor - Managing Director · Hola People

Esteban Tejedor

Director UK

Sophie Henney · Audiovisual Producer - Visual effects

Sophie Henney

Audiovisual Producer
Visual effects

Marc Prats · Human Resources - Social Media

Marc Prats

Human Resources
Social Media

Isabel Rubio · Human Resources

Isabel Rubio

Human Resources

Noelia Falcón

Noelia Falcón

Audiovisual & Social Media Partner
Former member

Iván Almellones

Iván Almellones

Audiovisual Producer Partner
Former member

Team Spain

Elena Tejedor

Elena Tejedor Jiménez

Managing Director


Freddy Piñango

Academic Director

Eva Krawczyk

Eva Krawczyk

Sales Manager

Elena Gómez Crisenti

Elena Gómez Crisenti

Marketing Manager

Carmen Escamilla

Carmen Escamilla

Marketing and Customer Service Assistant

Jennifer Fraile

Jennifer Fraile

Travel Agent

Lorena Cretu

Lorena Cretu

Administration Manager

Victoria Sedano

Victoria Sedano

Office Manager

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