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Au Pair in Marbella – Málaga (Spain)

Have you ever dreamed of visiting Marbella? Worldwide known for its quality of life, its unbeatable climate, its spectacular corners, or for its striking events and visits from movie stars and artists of all kinds, Marbella has become the cradle of diversity and friendliness, the perfect home for those who want to perfect their Spanish for housing a unique experience.

Never learning a language has been so desired and easy as being an Au Pair in Marbella, where you can immerse yourself in the Spanish culture within a family, and meet and make friends from all over the world, since this is the cradle of diversity and the events.

Here you will meet other Au Pairs like you through our partner Marbella Family, as they form a beautiful family in which you will always feel protected and you can count on each other in this wonderful experience.


  • Once we have received all the documentation to be part of our agency as an Au Pair, we will contact you through the route you have chosen.
  • In the 1st contact we will set up a meeting by video call to get to know you better and confirm that we have compiled all the necessary information to find the perfect candidate, in addition to explaining both the program and the process.
  • As of the 1st meeting, we will begin to send you the files of the candidates that suit your needs and we will set the dates of the meetings that we will have with said candidates.
  • Once the meetings are marked, we will proceed to have them at 3 by video call, supporting them with questions that we know will facilitate the answers that you hope to know.
  • When you have chosen the chosen Au Pair, we will prepare both the contract to be signed between both parties (family and au pair), we will send you all the necessary documentation for the experience to be a success, as well as the invoice for our fees.
    On the other hand, we will make sure that the Au Pair has all the support and documentation necessary to arrive in Spain (in case a visa or special documentation is needed).
  • Once the Au Pair arrives in Marbella and has spent at least one day with you, we will not contact her to know her 1st impression and give her all the affection she needs, and we will invite her to the 1st Au Pair Coffe, which we celebrate every Friday in order to unite all the Au Pair in the same space where they can chat, learn about their experiences and present them to each other so that they become stronger, and enjoy great moments together. The happier they feel here, the more and better they will give of them.
  • In case there is a problem with the Au Pair during the 1st month, and one of the two parties wants to finalize the agreement, we will look for a new Au Pair for you at no additional cost. We will keep in touch throughout the program, (in addition to the telephone official we have an emergency one that is always active), because our main objective is that both parties enjoy the experience, so you will have our support and experience in everything you need.With the family card you have various discounts on the rest of the services we offer for balance and comfort in your home.

    We are not a virtual agency, and our service does not end with the arrival of the Au Pair, we will continue to be by your side at every step.

  • Age  between 18 and 30 years ;
  • Valid passport ;
  • Have good health and the European Health Card;
  • Absence of criminal record (with certificate);
  • With an academic degree (at least pre-university);
  • Diplomas from different courses (swimming, languages ​​…) that they can use in the family;
  • References related to the care of children or elders;
  • Basic knowledge of Spanish. and English as a mother tongue, or a demonstrable high level;
  • Experience and knowledge of doing  household chores;
  • Having a driving license will be valued ;
  • If you are not a European citizen and your stay will be longer than 3 months, a visa, and the certificate of being enrolled in an official center;

If you need more information on how to get a visa, or everything related to legal and immigration issues, do not hesitate to contact our colleagues (at info@gestionyfinanzas.net) who will be happy to advise and accompany you on this beautiful path.

Downloadable Requirements to be an Au Pair in our agency

We work with 2 very well-differentiated Au Pair classes, those that are part of the family for a year and those that will accompany you in the summer months, both for the care of children and adults.

Whether for a period of one year or 3 months, the Au Pair, in turn, has 2 types of schedules with their respective different contributions, which we differentiate between Au Pair Family and Au Pair Plus.
It all depends on your needs, goals and preferences.

Downloadable Types of Au Pair

The Au Pair activity is not a stipulated job and therefore it is not a paid and legally regulated activity in Spain, it is a program of cultural exchange and coexistence regulated by an international agreement, in which both parties must agree with the established conditions and make the experience enriching for everyone.

The daily tasks of an Au Pair will depend on the needs of each family as well as their weekly organization, but as an example, we leave you a list of their usual functions. Download it, it’s for you!

Will I have contact or with other Au Pairs?

Yes, at the agency we care that you all feel comfortable and have all the possible information about all the alternatives that you have on La Costa Del Sol, and information about you, so that you can enjoy them together.

Every week we meet for our “Coffee Au Pair”, where we welcome the new Au Pair and tell you about your experiences and news, where we spend time as a family and remember that you are never alone, and that the opportunity you have given yourself is wonderful to live a unique experience.


How can I count on the agency?

In everything you need; We have two telephones, one normal and one emergency that we are sure you will never use, but we know that sometimes, new experiences are very intense and it reassures you to be able to talk or share a coffee in good company.

Do not forget that you are never alone and that 99% of the experiences have been very positive for everyone.


Is it important to take a Spanish course at an academy?

Yes, in the agency we advise you to improve the language not only verbally as you will do in simple coexistence, also in writing, because do not forget that Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language and a certificate of having a good level is sure to open many doors in your future.

We have agreements with several agencies that we put at your fingertips.


What happens if I do not adapt to the family or they do not adapt with me?

We will seek a solution for both parties as soon as possible, which will be to place you in a new family more related to you, and find a new candidate for them.

It is not usually the most common, since if, from the beginning, what you expect in both parties is clarified through a weekly planning, and an open and fluid communication is maintained, coexistence is positively enjoyed.


What happens if I get sick?

If you are part of the European Community, you can access public health for free with the European Health Card, otherwise you will have to take out private health insurance before your arrival in Spain.

The family will continue to pay you your weekly allowance and will offer you all the medication and care you need, just like any other member of the family.


What do I need to be an Au Pair since I am not a member of the European Economic Community?

A visa if your stay will be longer than 3 months, which you can request at the official language school, college or university where you enroll, in addition to private health insurance (usually between € 30 and € 50 per month)

For legal issues, do not hesitate to contact our Legal Advisor Elena Melón (at emc@alterlexabogados.com).


Is it necessary to apply for the residence card to be an Au Pair with you?

If you are part of the European Economic Community, you can reside here without it, but it would be irregular, not illegal, so we always advise you to request it.

If you are not part of the European Economic Community, and your stay will exceed 3 months, if necessary.

For legal issues, do not hesitate to contact our Legal Advisor Elena Melón.

  • PlanningPrepare, together with the family, a weekly planning where all the functions delegated to you appear in detail, as well as the way to perform them.
  • OrganizationKeep in mind that during the first days, everything will be new and intense, and sometimes it will be difficult for you to understand the ways of doing things in your host family, so do not fill yourself with plans and dedicate yourself to adjusting to your new home, everything arrives.
  • CommunicationOpen, fluent, sincere … especially at the beginning of the coexistence that several doubts will arise and that everything will be new for both parties.
  • EmpathyDo not forget that they make a hole in their lives for you, everything is new for both parties; Don’t despair and put yourself in their situation when you don’t understand something.
  • I respectThe best example of the great person you are.
  • SpaceFind a space that is only yours, and take time for yourself every day; It is essential that you have a break to breathe and see everything that you have learned and that you still have to enjoy.
  • You want it to go wellIt is the best energy, the healthiest and most positive.
Downloadable Tips to make the experience the dream

Au Pair Fees

  • Flat rate
  • If you decide to change your family, once you have lived together for more than a month, we will charge you €100 for administrative costs.


Sevgi · Language assistant / Au Pair in Spain

Name: Sevgi Nur Salman (Istanbul, Turkey), July – August 2019

I would like to thank you again for this opportunity. The family is very nice and I am so happy to be with them. I also loved the city. Now that my departure date is approaching, I only regret not having heard of Au Pair before in my university life. This has been an experience of a lifetime for me as a newly graduated English teacher.

I believe this job is the right fit for those who want to have a great summer and be engaged in Spanish. I am more than grateful to Hola People Organization for their efforts.

Oliwia Pietrzak · Language assistant / Au Pair in Spain

Name: Oliwia Pietrzak (Poland), August – September 2017

Hola people organization met all my expectations! Great and nice staff who helps and organize everything. Experience with hola people was great. It gave me huge opportunity to learn new language and have journey of my life. I recommend everyone to try it, because it’s absolutely worth it.

Denise · Language assistant / Au Pair in Spain

Name: Denise (London, United Kingdom), July – August 2016

The time I had in Spain was the most enriching and rewarding experience I have had. This was down to how well matched the family and I were put together. I had two children ages 4 and 6. During the Skype interview with Esteban, I described the type of family I had in mind and the next day, he had found the suitable family. I had a few video calls with the family and soon after my ticket to Spain was booked! What made this experience special was the number of people I managed to meet outside the family, yet at the same time I was able to improve my Spanish. At the end you really do feel you’ve made a difference when you see how far the kids have progressed. The mum had said that the daughter had learnt more English in my time there than her 3 years of English lessons at school!

Shani Morris · Language assistant / Au Pair in Spain

Name: Shani Morris (Liverpool, United Kingdom), June – July 2016

I contacted Hola People in May 2016 as I was looking for something new and exciting to do for the summer. They contacted me back that same week, I went in for an interview and within 2 weeks they had found a family in Valencia that matched my needs and I matched theirs. I had an amazing time while I was there; the family I was staying with was extremely hospitable and caring. I learnt about Spanish culture and language just by being around them constantly. I got to visit lots of lovely places with the family and independently, and gained more knowledge in childcare and teaching. Hola People were a really great agency to work with, there was no messing about, the whole process was professional, quick and easy and I would recommend contacting them if you’re looking for a new and fun experience. You won’t regret it 🙂

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  • Ensuring that Hola People works with the best agencies and are inspected regularly by ourselves
  • You have our pre-departure support by email and our emergency phone on arrival for anything you need
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