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Au Pair in the United Kingdom

For women that are EU nationals.
From ages 18-30 years old.
Intermediate knowledge of English language.

The Official Gazette of 1986 (adapted from an existing international agreement from 1962), states that an Au Pair is a young woman who lives a season with a native family in a foreign country to learn and perfect a language, whilst helping the family with their children.

  • The minimum age is 18 years old, and the maximum is 30 (except for the Au Pair program for those up to 40 years old, for families who require over 40 hours of help a week).
  • You must be a woman part of the European Union.
  • Have knowledge of the English/Dutch language in order to communicate through simple phrases.
  • An even better knowledge of how to look after and work with children. The most important thing for a candidate to have is maturity, patience, a good education and likes to play and be around children.
  • The season is from a minimum of 6 – 12 months. During summer we can allow shorter stays (1 month minimum).
  • Being able to drive (class B license) is advantageous.
  • No smoking (at least in front of the family).

The Au Pair will receive from their family:

  • Their own room
  • Full board dining

An allowance for their expenses (from £300 to £1200 a month, depending on the area, level of English/Dutch, decided hours of work). Some families pay for Dutch classes in a nearby school. We can help you choose a nearby school where you can attend classes all year round. We can’t guarantee financial assistance for the classes but the possibility of practicing the language with your host family is valuable as well. You will not have a social security number or have a contract, so it is important that you have an EHIC card before travelling that will cover your medical insurance in the rare case you fall ill.

The Au Pair will have to:

  • Help in the caring of children and all things related: their rooms, clothes, cooking easy meals, playing, bathing, walking etc. You will have to wake them up every day at the required hour, take them to school, the park or swimming pool or other extra-curricular activities they may have.
  • Help with simple tasks around the house. The Au Pair should abide the customs and the way in which a family lives, respecting their authority and rules of coexistence.

Respect the timetable established: both in relation to work as well as outside hours (going out, phone calls etc.) Take advantage of gaining and understanding of the language and culture the family brings. Always be polite and collaborate with the family.

The general rule of working is 5-6 hours daily, with a free day during the week and weekends of at the agreement of the family. Babysitting 1-2 nights a week may also be required, depending on the needs of the family. The family will respect your resting hours, but keep in mind that you should be flexible, as they may need you outside your “official” working hours, especially during summer when the children don’t go to school. Every family has different needs, so when we assign your family, we will inform you of your concrete responsibilities.

PROGRAM IN THE UNITED KINGDOM If you are between 19 and 30 years old, EU national, a high English level (B1) and available for 6 months work then you may take part in this program. Every family is carefully selected are are English speaking. The government regulates your pocket money given to you as and Au Pair, so all families will have to give you €340 a month for 30 hours maximum work a week, split between 5 days a week and a maximum of 8 hours a day. You will always get a minimum of one weekend off a month.

Enrolment: only €50. This includes consultation and documentation, management of the selection process, a welcome arrival pack, an English Language Course (maximum €270 a year), accommodation in a single room with full board basis, student card with discounts to travel around the UK, private medical insurance, 3 weeks paid holiday leave every 12 months, participation in activities with other Au Pairs organised by the local coordinator, transport to the family, 24hour emergency telephone, constant supervision by the coordinator. Flights are not included. The documentation required is listed below.

Hola People believe that working as an Au Pair is the most economical way of learning Dutch whilst having a great time. We recommend looking for Au Pair work through an agency (ours of course!), to ensure that you have the best experience possible. As an Au Pair agency we:

  • Study in detail the profiles of the Au Pairs, and help them organise their trip so that their stay is as beneficial as possible. We provide security for the entirety of the stay as an Au Pair. If you really don’t get along with your assigned family, we can change families for you, although this has only occurred in 1% of cases since we take into account your profile and meticulously find the best match for you. Finally, we provide you with a letter of recommendation at the end of the Au Pair stay, which could be very useful in securing jobs in the future.
  • Prepare documentation and a report of you as a candidate, so you have the best chances possible in being assigned a family.
  • Check through our agents abroad that the families are high quality (and are not fake). These ages are regulated by government organisations (BAPPAA and IAPA), so must act according to the ethical parameters and ensure that the families respect the compromised letter ensuring your rights as an Au Pair, salary etc. The Au Pair will have all the information about the family and a telephone conversation before their departure to ensure they’re happy.
  • Are intent on finding you the right family and destination. However, our priority is always the linguistic experience and wellbeing of the Au Pair, so we can’t guarantee families in specific cities, as it depends on the jobs available during the candidate’s application.

We believe that these efforts are well worth a payment, which is a small fee paid when you enroll, rather than look for a family on your behalf and go to a country without any knowledge of the family, area and without guidance.

It is unadvisable that you work for a family you have found on the Internet. It can be risky live in a foreign country, in an uninspected family’s house, without a contract in place of working hours and salary. Don’t risk a rewarding experience by not going to a professional agency.

Not everyone is prepared to live abroad and be an Au Pair. We will explain everything to you in a personal interview and in a training manual prior to departure. We can only help you so far, as your attitude and willingness is what will make your program the best possible experience. Complete and sign the questionnaire included in the registration application. If your answers are negative send us your application (including a copy of the completed questionnaire and signed name!). If you have any positive answers, contact us and we can find a more appropriate program for you.

Important Documentation


You will need to send us:

  • 3 – 4 photos of you around children or little siblings. We recommend that you put a simple description along with the photos. As well as 3 – 4 photos of you with your family, friends, a trip, or doing something you enjoy. The photos and descriptions shouldn’t be more than 3 pages long.
  • Photocopy of medical certificate guaranteeing your good health, you can obtain this by asking your GP.
  • 2 letters of recommendation/references about your ability to care for children. These letters can be from families of children you have previously cared for or from businesses where you have worked.
  • Certificate of your studies. Attach certificates with the highest qualification of the course you took.
  • A cover letter addressed to the family, addressing your reason for wanting to work as an Au Pair, describing your personality, character, hobbies, experience with children etc. It should be written in English.
  • A CV that includes all contact details, age, if you have a driving license, spoken languages and their levels, work experience, education and anything else you want to include.
  • Photocopy of your driving license if you hold one.
  • Photocopy of ID (we recommend you use a passport).
  • Photocopy of certified criminal record, you can get this from your nearest police station.
  • Proof you had transferred €400 to Hola People (in a bank statement). In the case you want to cancel the application before you have been assigned a family, you will be refunded 50% of the registration fee. If you have already been assigned a family then you will not be refunded. If you any exceptional reason you are not assigned a family we will refund you 100% of the registration fee.
  • Attach the questionnaire included in the registration form and signed your name proving you have done it honestly.
  • It is optional, but a small video presentation, which you can put on YouTube and link us, may help you find the best family possible.
  • An EHIC card. If you or your parents are unemployed/do not have a social security number then you are only covered for 15 days abroad. You must therefore take out private health insurance. You must send us proof of your insurance of a copy of your EHIC card.


Upon receiving your documents, we will have a short face to face or telephone interview with you. We can then select the best family for you. If you are unsuccessful in the interview process after you submit all documentation, you will be refunded the entire registration fee.

Our correspondents in the UK have carefully selected all our families. If for any reason you don’t feel comfortable or encounter any problem with your family, we will help change your family. You will have our full support before and during your stay abroad, although you must prepare yourself mentally to adapt to your new way of life, which can sometimes be hard. If you wish, we can contact nearby Au Pairs so you can socialise right from the start.

Once we have a family that fits your profile, and is pleased with your application, we will inform you of their characteristics. You can only reject the family with good reason. After your acceptance, it is normal to have a brief phone call/email exchange with the family to agree your start dates. Remember that at our agency we prioritise those who are flexible in family type and location. We accept your preferences but must be able to adapt to some requirements. Book your ticket and get ready to live an experience you’ll never forget!

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