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We are looking for an enthusiastic and active candidate to do a virtual internship for a developing UK branch of a Spanish company.

This internship is suitable for students who receive a scholarship through an Erasmus+, European Solidarity Corps or any similar programme.

The company operates mainly in the Education sector: personal development courses, language learning, and in the travel and recruitment industries and event organisation including language exchange meetings (now online!), parties, Latin dance workshops and others.

When this internship was in person, the trainee used to work in the office 51/2 hours a day, 5 days a week, being able to participate also in the events. Since now circumstances have changed and the internships have become virtual, we are flexible with the time recommended by your programme.


Key Tasks & Outputs:

• To film/edit educational and promotional videos.
• Graphic design skills are also desirable.
• Optionally, to take part in the videos in front of the camera, where the candidate feels confident about it.



• To apply through Erasmus+, European Solidarity Corps or any similar programme.
• Completed or studying the Career, Formación Profesional -Professional Training- or equivalent.
• Minimum intermediate level of English. Advanced level is a plus.
• Active and positive mentality.
• Honesty and commitment.


What we offer:

• Payment for expenses related to remote work.
• The intern is covered by the Employers’ liability insurance of the company.
• Optional attendance to our online activities and events.
• Free access to our personal development online courses.
• Be coached and oriented to achieve the assigned goals.


The Company:

Based in Liverpool city centre, Hola People facilitates opportunities for individuals to travel abroad for employment, educational and cultural purposes. With the aim of opening new lines of business and at the same time promote and publicise the company, we are also organising cultural and leisure events in Liverpool. Currently doing them online.

Hola People is the UK branch of Aula Inglés, which is an 11-year-old Spanish company based in Madrid, assisting Spanish people to learn English, travel and work abroad.


Monitoring plan:

The trainee will be supervised on a daily basis by the mentor.
In addition, there will be a weekly meeting to discuss the progress, performance and concerns of the trainee.


Evaluation plan:

A number of objectives and goals will be discussed and set at the beginning of the programme.
The trainee will participate in choosing such targets. These will be evaluated during and at the end of the period.

Accredited work placement company


Zoralys Rojas · Internship in Liverpool

Name: Zoralys Rojas (Venezuela & Spain), July – August 2019

I’ve learned a lot of things during my internship and I was happy to be able to apply my knowledge and previous experience in Hola People’s activities. Esteban as a managing director has a valuable ability to harness the skills of people, building a win-win relationship not only with partners but with his work team and friends.

I hope to continue working together in the future to enhance our skills in the pursuit of our entrepreneurship goals.

Samir Soilihi · Internship in Liverpool

Name: Samir Soilihi (Guyancourt, France), April – June 2019

Hola People is a great company that helped me in getting involved in different social activities such as salsa and languages exchanges and I’d like to thank them for that. You can count on them to help you live a great experience in Liverpool. They also offer personal development courses which are really interesting if you want to know more about that, Esteban really knows his subject and he has all that is needed to help you become a better person.

Maria N. Selina Öc · Internship in Liverpool

Name: Maria N. Selina Öc (Berlin, Germany), February – May 2019

I had a wonderful time at Hola People during my internship! Esteban is inspiring and made me see my life differently. I went to his chakra courses, the language exchange and to the Salsa/Bachata, all of them were great events. Thanks to my internship I got to know the company, I would recommend it to everyone who wants to improve his life.

Ruxi Helici · Internship in Liverpool

Name: Ruxi Helici (Botosani, Romania), August 2018

Lovely team, amazing city and a very useful experience!
My internship for Hola People gave me a boost of confidence while also helping me gain valuable skills necessary in the working field. I had a great time and definitely recommend this to anyone who is interested in improving themselves and learning something new!
Wishing all the best to the team! Thank you!

Judith van Duinen · Internship in Liverpool

Name: Judith van Duinen (Zwolle, The Netherlands), November 2017 – April 2018

My internship was an adventure which I will carry on for the rest of my life. Esteban was such a nice tutor/supervisor and he taught me more than I would have thought. I would definitely recommend this company to everyone. If you are looking for an internship, or you would like to have a great adventure, video or a great night dancing or language lessons etc.? Don’t look further, but go for it! Hola People is your company!

Jose Iván Almellones · Internship in Liverpool

Name: Jose Iván Almellones (Málaga, Spain), January – May 2017

I was working for Esteban during 5 months as an intern, it was a great opportunity to discover Liverpool and improve language and IT skills. Esteban is always very organised, he has a very long calendar with a lot of tasks what you can help with. At the same time, you will learn about many things, due to his different profiles like Hola People or IsHappening, both of them very helpful.

Stefano Quiroz · Internship in Liverpool

Name: Stefano Quiroz (Barcelona, Spain), August – September 2016

I had long wanted to go to work and study in the UK. In August 2016 Hello People offered me the opportunity to live a unique and enriching experience in Liverpool. The selection process was very fast, I was provided much relevant information about life in the city and the company was very flexible on what day could come and start working. During the month of August and part of September I could enjoy the professionalism of workers HolaPeople, especially Esteban Tejedor whose character and closeness makes you feel part of the project from the beginning. Also, I could adapt very easily to the city and meet lovely people thanks to events organized weekly by the company. I have enjoyed and learned a lot from this experience, I have improved my English and I have met an amazing city, full of life and things to admire.


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