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11 Ways To Earn A Living While Travelling

to avoid paying for accommodation while travelling

How many times have you wondered about going on holiday, on this paradise-like island with white sand and blue waters? Or on this tropical Carribean cruise with your beloved one? Or again, you have seen this incredible offer but at the wrong time and couldn’t make it? And how many times have you said NO because you couldn’t leave your job, no one could cover your place or just because you had finished your leave days? Well, let me tell you that you can travel whenever and wherever you want and still earning a living, even if you are on a ship directed to New Zealand. You don’t believe me? Then keep on reading!

First thing first, let’s clarify the basic stuff you are going to need:

– an up-to-date computer ( I’m pretty sure you already have it)
– a good internet connection ( it’s a MUST)
– at least a pair of headphones (it would be better if you could have some noise-canceling ones)
– for some jobs, you’ll need a high school degree or the equivalent, or even a bachelor’s degree

But now let’s dive into the fun part, what are the jobs you can do?

1. CUSTOMER SERVICE/SUPPORT: in the 90% of the cases you’ll need a high school degree and for some companies, a post-secondary or college degree may be required. Since you will have to interact with people, excellent interpersonal skills are very important. This job is generally oral, but if you are not really into speaking on the phone (or through headphones), there are some options where you can do it via chat.

make money traveling

2. VIRTUAL ASSISTANT: would you say that the word “multitasker” represents you? Then you’ve found your jackpot! What you will be asked to do is to use your administrative skills to manage the travels, schedules, phone calls and emails for an executive or a team. Related past experiences would certainly be a bonus.

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3. a.ENGLISH TEACHER/TUTOR: have you ever thought about a career in teaching but changed your mind because of those scary young hyperactive sticky monkeys (a.k.a. children)? Or because teaching adults “wasn’t really your thing”? Then, in this case, you have the chance to teach from your clean and comfortable sofa, or from the balcony of your dream holiday house in Bali, to all the people you want, without even knowing them. Oh, and this can be done for different languages, not only for English speakers. (Have a look at italki)

3.b ENGLISH TEACHER ABROAD: instead, if you prefer to move around the world and being in contact with the natives, then you could teach English to the locals. You don’t have to be a native English speaker, you just need a bachelor’s degree, in any subject, and an ESL certification of your English level. The best places to teach? China, Colombia, Chile and many more…

Easy Ways to Make Money Traveling

4. TRANSCRIPTIONIST: in this job, you won’t need to talk to others but you’ll have to listen to them, a lot. Saying that, just a computer and a good pair of headphones are what you are going to need to write down what you are hearing. From medical to legal records, you don’t need to be a magician, just a fast and accurate transcriber.

5. DATA ENTRY: as part of a team, you’ll be asked to put data in the company database in a fast and accurate way. A minimum of a high school degree is going to be asked and perhaps a certification of your skills.


6. TRANSLATOR: usually working as a freelancer, this job requires you to be fluent in at least 2 languages in order to be able to translate written words in a different language. Companies tend to pay per word and they look for people with proved qualifications and relevant backgrounds, like language graduates and translation qualification.

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become a digital nomad and make money traveling

7. WEB DEVELOPER: if the World Wide Web doesn’t have any secret for you, then this job is the perfect one. Of course, you need to have some serious knowledge on the development of HTML programs since you’ll be asked to create and support different websites, software, and databases. If you don’t want to work on the “back end” don’t worry, there’s a place on the “front end” as well.

8. GRAPHIC DESIGNER: talking about the visual side of the website, you’ll take care of the layout of advertisements, corporate reports and so on. Like the “back end,” you need to have some IT skills as well as graphics skills and most importantly, you must be creative. Graphic design or art design-based degrees should be enough.

9. STOCK TRADER: a bachelor’s degree is usually recommended to start buying and selling stocks for a company. A degree in finance or accounting are usually the best ones. Here as well practise is very important and you must be ready to continue studying because there’s always something more to know.


If you are looking for something more creative, then I have two more options for you:

10. WRITER: another great way to make money from home is to be hired as a content creator. I mean, you don’t have to be the brand new William Shakespeare but you should at least be able to create good content for your new boss. If you don’t have any kind of experience, have a look at entry-level positions in order to help you create your portfolio, you’ll kill two birds with one stone! Pssst, did you know that you can even publish your own eBook at zero costs but earn 70% of the price? Have a look at the Amazon Kindle Store!

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How to make money while travelling

11. YOUTUBER/BLOGGER: have you got a camera and an interesting story to tell? Then why don’t consider a career path on Youtube? You’ll probably won’t have the same amount of subscribers as Zoella does, at least not with your first video, but keep publishing on a regular basis original content and you’ll eventually start to earn money.


Right at the bottom of my speech, I want to give you 2 more tips on how to earn money online. They are not proper jobs but at least they will help you to save a little or to have that 20 extra £ that you reaaally need to buy yourself that Daenerys Targaryen mug you’ve seen at the shop:

#1 CASH BACK: when you want to buy online, click to the company via a cashback site, it works even for Tesco and Argos, and you can get back up to the 10% of the price you’ve paid. Not bad, right?

#2 ONLINE SURVEYS: I know that surveys are pretty boring, especially when people stop you on the street while in your head you’re scream.. singing, sorry, next to Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper the Shallow song. But what if people would tell you that you can be paid for taking surveys? Wouldn’t it be amazing to finally buy the tickets to see Gaga live? Or to take those singing classes? Your neighbours would be really grateful if you could choose the singing classes, thank you.

Alright then, now you don’t have any kind of excuse for not leaving your job and travel the world.

Hope you will have a wonderful day!

See you in Bali!


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