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7 reasons to Travel

Travelling will show you how small the world is, it will also help you grow your inner world. Because every person you meet, every city you see will come with you when you leave. When you go back home, you will realize that you put more things in your bag when you remember those moments again. When you realize that there are so many different cultures and thoughts in the world, you will realize how wrong it is to adhere to your own culture and mindset.

It is the best decision you can make that is going beyond your own walls and traveling around the world. So why is traveling important? How can traveling the world, studying abroad, meeting different cultures help us in life? Let me explain.

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1- Travelling improves your perspective

Doing the same things every day, walking the same way, meeting the same people and spending time in the same places will allow your thoughts and behaviours to become mouldy after a while. However, every different person in the world represents different thoughts and lifestyles. When you travel, you can explore these different cultures more closely and improve your view of the world.


2- Travelling matures us

You will have the chance to learn what you love, what you do not like, what makes you happy, scared, excited by many different experiences. You will feel things that you did not feel before or you will experience your emotions more intensely. Solving problems on your own, making your own plan and fulfilling your own wishes will reduce your dependence on other people in real life. You will start giving up your fears.

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3. Travelling is connecting

Communicating with other travellers not only adds experience to your foreign classmates and hosts but also creates a connection network. Communicating with people around you can offer opportunities that you can never imagine.


4. Travelling is understanding

You can see the world differently than other people by eating tapas in Barcelona, helping the turtle nests on the Costa Rica beaches or stepping into the fast life of New York. When you get away from your home and see that every culture is unique, you realize that these differences unite us in the common denominator.


5- Travelling helps you live planned

Going out of where you live and getting away from daily life routine will push you to plan. Because you are out of your usual situation and you need to plan in a short time. You will also need to plan the next day or a few days later. In this way, you can anticipate any problems and prepare yourself for possible situations. As you plan, you will be prepared for the troubles that may occur. The planning skill you gain while travelling will also benefit you for the rest of your life.


6- Travelling makes you happy

According to the researches made in recent years, it makes us happier to spend our money on experiences such as traveling places rather than buying things. So, why are we paying wealth for things that don’t make us so happy?


7- Travelling helps to improve your language level

If you have difficulty in learning a foreign language, the first advice we can give you is to participate in international groups. You can speak English almost anywhere in the world, you can communicate in English, especially in tourist areas. Going to a language course in your city will only allow you to learn a foreign language at certain times per week. You can spend all your time speaking a foreign language, and you can contribute to your foreign language development by pushing yourself a little.

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When you go abroad, you will see that not everyone speaks a foreign language perfectly and your self-confidence will increase. Once you can express yourself and order your food in the restaurant, you will realize that learning a foreign language is not that difficult actually. You will have the same confidence if you are learning Spanish or German or French etc. Because as we both know, communication is the key.

But don’t worry if you are too busy to travel and practice, maybe we have a language course in your city please check our website.

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