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A lovely city of Hungary: Budapest

I’m from Turkey and I lived in Budapest for 5 months. It was a beautiful period of my life and I will never forget my memories there. I have been most countries in Europe, The USA, The UK but Budapest has a big part of my heart.

Budapest, Hungary’s capital, is bisected by the River Danube. There are 7 bridges which are connected Buda and Pest side. The one famous is the Chain Bridge. And the other one is Liberty Bridge.

visit the capital of Hungary

enjoy the famous buildings

know the Budda castle=
Budapest also has a very famous Parliament building. It`s over 100 years old but still looks awesome as the first day.

I fell in love with the city. Budapest is the best-lit city in Europe. You can feel like in a day even at nights.

There are two traditional foods and one drink in Hungary. Foods are goulash and langos. As you wish, you can eat goulash as soup or main dish. It includes beef, beans, potatoes, and carrot. Goulash is spicy and extremely delicious. I’m from Turkey and its taste is like “güveç “. Langos is also like “pişi” with sour cream and cheese. It is a deep-fried dough, you can eat it also with meat if you would like. Palinka is their traditional drink. I tried just once because it is so hard and not taste good. They love it but for me, it just has 10000% pure alcohol.

have a coffe in Budapest walk the chain bridge

There are mostly ruin bars in Budapest, is very popular as well. When you walk in the streets or drinking/eating at restaurants, you’ll feel the city and you can smell the history. If you visit Budapest, you have to get a drink in Szimpla Kert to see how the ruin bar is.

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One of the great things is that their currency is lower than the others. As I remember, I drank a beer for 0,33 cent at a bar. Can you imagine that? Most Europeans know that and they go to Budapest to have fun in their vacations.

buy Central Market Hall

Budapest has many viewpoints such as; Citadella, Fisherman’s Bastion… You can enjoy the sunset and sunrise there. If you want to share good photos on Instagram, you have to go to those places also to see the panoramic view of Budapest.

Moreover, As the capital city, Budapest is home to Hungary’s best museums and galleries and you could easily spend your day or week to visit museums and smell the history of Hungary. Most museums, understandably, are strongest on Hungarian art and history through the ages, but several collections, including the Hungarian Jewish Museum, Terror House, and the Palace of Art.

I had so much fun in Budapest and there is like my second home. If you decide to go there, I hope you will have so much fun too!

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