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The city of Sevilla

The advantages of studying Spanish in Spain, specifically in the city of Seville

If you want to study Spanish, what is a better place than the country where this language is from?

And specifically, today we are going to travel to one of the most important cities in Spain, Seville (or Sevilla, in Spanish), the capital of the autonomous community of Andalusia (Andalucía), South of Spain. Keep reading to know why it can be a great idea to do Spanish courses in Seville

1. Because “Sevilla tiene un color especial“.
The duo of singers “Los del Río”, internationally famous for their song La Macarena, also dedicated a song to their city, that has a special colour! Will it be because of the majesty of their monuments and buildings, the friendliness of their inhabitants, the Guadalquivir river that crosses the city, the almost perennial sun that bathes it, or the art of their folklore? Probably all of it together!

Guadalquivir river in Seville

2. If we talk about monuments, there are some that are not to be missed, like “Plaza de España” (Spain Square, did you know that Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala were having a walk around it in the second episode of Star Wars?), the charming “Real Alcázar“, the cathedral with its famous tower “La Giralda“, or another tower, “La Torre del Oro“. These monuments have an Arabic rrrr, since the South of the Iberian Peninsula was occupied by this culture for centuries.

3. It may be the sun, it may be their “arte“, but these people in Andalusia have an especially open, friendly, and often funny character that will make your life even more pleasant in this area of Spain. That doesn’t mean that people in the rest of Spain are not open or funny, but true “andaluces” are at the top of the ranking! Come to Spain and experience it by yourself… you are welcome 😀

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Dancing sevillanas4. Have you heard about the “Sevillanas“? Where do you think this name comes from?  😉
This is a type of folk music and dance, with a flavour to flamenco, that you will have the chance to hear, see, and even dance in most of the parties that take place in Seville, most especially if you are lucky enough to attend the “Feria de Sevilla” (or “Feria de Abril“) that takes place in April (or even May, depending on when the Easter is happening that year)

5. If you stay in Seville long enough, you will also have the opportunity to visit other nearby Andalusian provinces such as Córdoba (with its incredible mosque-cathedral, among other monuments), Cádiz (with charming places and beaches) or Huelva (with beautiful natural reserves). There is also a direct connexion with Madrid, only 2 hours and 30 minutes using the AVE (the high-speed train)

6. And of course, you can try the delicious Spanish food, often in the form of tapas, either accompanied by a “caña” (beer) or a good Spanish wine (and there are many good wines in Spain)

These are some of the main reasons that invite you to visit this majestic city. Of course, there are more! But you will have to discover them for yourself… ¡disfruta!

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