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Being a Spanish teacher

Work with teenagers in their mother tongue is an exciting experience. It is not just about transmitting the required knowledge, but about managing to develop both oral and written skills. Students have to improve their expressive skills in Spanish to be able to develop their intellectual capacity. There is no need to impose a language, it is about expanding the linguistic resources of each student. Teaching should cover the diversity of structures, linguistic plans, and communicative situations.

In my experience, the greatest difficulties are the great diversity existing among the students and the majority lack of motivation. Many times what appears is an inconsistency between what the teacher shows and the students learn. This leads to a vicious circle where the students lose all interest because they feel they learn nothing. Given this situation, the challenge is to obtain the mechanisms so that each course acquires the required contents.

spanish language liverpoolFrom the first day of the course, I present to the students the objectives of the course and the reasons why they must be met. It is important to maintain consistency between them. I try to make sense of what they have to learn. For the students to have a real chance of achieving the goals, he has to know how to face the task successfully. The way to break the vicious circle named above is to maintain total clarity and coherence in the teaching and learning process.
We must create a didactic environment in which collaboration rather than competition prevails. Where it is normal to ask and offer help. Where there is the possibility of making mistakes and learning from mistakes. In this subject, the student learns not only a normative and literary language but also a real one. In the classroom, I try to strengthen the channels of learning and stimulate the inquiry and the knowledge that each student has reached. We use messages from any medium to analyze them and make text comments.

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Text commentary is a tool that helps develop the ability to learn. When students propose text to analyze them throughout the class, they are contributing to the knowledge, interpretation, and performance in the world they have lived. Developing their abilities of observation, analysis, reasoning, communication, and abstraction, people with independent criteria are formed. Proper learning in the mother tongue guarantees integration in the social environment. Each student can thus manage his life critically and autonomously, being able to decide for himself.

For teachers, it is a task of great responsibility and where boredom has no place. Most of the time it is very rewarding, but failures are also present.

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