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Best Holiday Destinations in Turkey

The point where the East meets the West, the richness of culture, history with a landscape that encompassing beaches and soaring mountains, Turkey has a role as a gateway between Europe and Asia for thousands of years.

Thanks to its great climate, Turkey has been a popular holiday destination during summer. Whether you are looking for a crowded holiday or a peaceful one; to decide where to go in Turkey will not be easy!
(ps: I suppose, I don’t need to mention how you fill your tummy during your visit with delicious Turkish foods.)

Let’s have a look at treasures to help you to draw your vacation route.

1- Bodrum, Muğla

summer turkey bodrum

Bodrum is perhaps the best-known place for vacation. In Turkey, when you think about sea-sand-sun, the first thing that comes to mind is Bodrum.

In Bodrum, formerly known as Halikarnassos, you will find not only the sun, the sparkling sea, or the wide beaches, but also the footsteps of thousands of years of history and the mystery of mythology. Bodrum Castle, which has been entitled to be the “Best Museum of the Year” for a period, is located right in the heart of the district.

  • If we say that one of the 7 wonders of the world is in Bodrum… Do not miss the opportunity to see the Halicarnassus Mausoleum, built in the name of King Maussollos, who died in 377 BC.
  • Go to Bitez Beach, which is 700 meters beach length and 20 meters beach width, and enjoy the sea and the sun.
  • If you want to explore Bodrum from the inside, take a daily boat trip. You will feel that you are embracing the whole Bodrum from the sea.
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2- Fethiye, Muğla

summer turkey

Fethiye, which inherited from the Lycians to the Romans, and then to the present day, is always a frequent destination for those who want to have a holiday away from noise and crowds.

In order to go to Ölüdeniz, which is identified with Fethiye, it is just 10 km away from the center.

  • Eat fish or tantuni in a shabby place on the beach. Try the famous halva here.
  • Take a tour of the Twelve Islands that is organized daily from the port.
  • If you want to be neighbors with Caretta caretta turtles, let’s take you to Calis Beach.
  • Do not miss the Valley of the Butterflies, which is 5 km away from Ölüdeniz and takes its name from the butterflies living in the region.
  • Enjoy nature at Kabak Bay, where you will witness one thousand and one shades of blue and green.
  • For “once in a lifetime experience” try paragliding.


3- Çeşme, Izmir

summer turkey vacation

Izmir is already a magnificent city in itself. Çeşme is one of the best spots to go for a beach holiday in Turkey. It is a bit crowded because the town is a very popular destination. For this reason, the fact that those who plan this place for the holidays love the crowd will make the holiday much more fun.

  • Every summer places have a small or large bazaar; however, the market of Çeşme/Alaçatı is far above expectations. You can be sure that you will find everything you are looking for in Alaçatı bazaar.
  • If you want to remember colorful stone houses when you return home, take lots of photos here.
  • If you come across, watch surfing events here.
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4- Kaş, Antalya

antalya holiday turkey

Each district of Antalya, which is the paradise corner of Turkey, is a completely different world in itself. Kaş is absolutely one of them.

Kaş, which makes holidaymakers happy especially about camping, is also known as an ideal region for those who like to dive.

For a holiday experience that will make you feel comfortable, you need to travel 3 hours from Antalya center to Kaş.

  • Get involved in Kaş Camping, which will blend with tourists who come with caravans from all over the world, offering you a joyful atmosphere.
  • It is impossible to pass without saying that this place is very ideal for diving; If you do not have experience with diving, take 4-5 meters discovery tours.
  • Canoe right next to Simena Ancient City.
  • Don’t forget to visit Patara and Kaputaş Beach.


5- Marmaris, Muğla

marmaris mugla summer

Attracting attention with its clear coves surrounded by forests and clean beaches, Marmaris and its surroundings have been more developed in terms of history since it has hosted many civilizations from ancient times.

  • Visit beaches such as; Icmeler Beach, Turunc Public Beach, Uzunyali Beach, Cleopatra Island / Sedir Island Beach, and Orhaniye / Kizkumu Beach. Before you go check each of them and go to whatever you wish because each one is in different places and has different qualities. For example, Turunc Public Beach is ideal for diving tourism due to its underwater caves.
  • The heirloom Hafsa Sultan Caravanserai from the Ottoman is also one of the places you should see with its architecture.
  • Take a walk to Amos Ancient City on Asarlık Hill and enjoy the views that Amos offers you.
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6- Bozcaada, Çanakkale

bozcaada canakkale

If you want to embrace a completely different world that is free from the world and isolated from noise, this hidden paradise, where the Greek and Turkish peoples have lived fraternally throughout history, is a place for you.

  • Take the Bozcaada Castle and dive into the unique panoramic view of the island.
  • Don’t forget to photograph every moment while visiting the Greek neighborhood, which is the history-smelling side of the island.
  • Your loved ones will definitely ask for Bozcaada wine, take notes.
  • Visit Aquarium Beach for a cold, fresh sea.


7- Assos, Çanakkale

turkey assos summer

  • First of all, the must-see is the Ancient City of Assos. Built on the volcanic hill summit and overlooking Mytilene Island, this city hosted many sovereigns such as Lydia, Persia, and Rome. It is known that Aristotle also lived in Assos and founded a philosophy school during his period.
  • Let the first place you step in the Ancient City be the Temple of Athena. You will love this place that combines nature with history due to the beauty of the sea view.
  • See Assos Old Port, the largest port in antiquity, and not losing anything from its ancient air.
  • Take the opportunity to enter the blue flag awarded clean sea of ​​Kadırga Village, 2 km from Assos. But let me tell you that the water is sooo cold.


*All the pictures represent the truth.

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