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castle of Caernarfon in Wales

Day trip Castles of Wales

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  • 20 Mar 2018

On Saturday February 10, I went on a day trip “Castles of Wales” which was organized by Daytripper Liverpool. First I would like to tell you how it goes. You can sign up for the trip by going to the office or via their website and book your seat online. On the day of the trip, there is a meeting point where you can get on the bus. Daytripper Liverpool wants to have everything perfect and they are really kind and funny. You sure will enjoy your day out. I did and I’ve had a day which I will never forget.

Caernarfon Castle Wales

If you want to have a social adventure for a day, I would definitely recommend these trips. I went alone, but I was surrounded by so many people and I never was alone. I have met 3 other girls from the Netherlands. The funny story is that we live close by from each other. There are people from so many countries who are joining the trips and you will get the chance socialize a lot.

We traveled to Wales by bus and it took us 2 hours to get to the castle of Caernarfon. You will not know that you are on the bus for so long because they have made some questions about what you know about Wales. For an example, I did not know that there are 3 million people and 12 million sheep.


Group day trip Wales

We visited the castle and our host Hannah told us about the history. After the story, we explored the castle with the four of us. It was great to see how it was and the view was beautiful! After 2.5 hours we decided to buy some souvenirs in Caernarfon and have lunch. We had another 20 minutes before the bus left for another destination, so we decided to take a walk along the port.

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Llanberis Castle in Dolbadarn WalesAfter a 20 minutes travel on the bus, we went to see Dolbadarn Castle in Llanberis. It was a small castle, but what a view! The group was so nice and kind to each other, I could not imagine a better group to go with on a day trip. We have talked a lot and the time was going too fast.

Are you looking for a social adventure and do you like to visit some other places outside Liverpool? Then you should definitely join one of the trips which are offered by Daytripper Liverpool. You won’t regret it.


About Daytripper: we have had a few tour guides and they were really nice and funny. You could see that they enjoy the trip as well and that they will do everything to make it one of the best days of your life. If that was their intention, then I can tell you that they did!

beautiful view in Wales

Wales beautiful landscapes









Did you like my story? For my internship, I have organized my own day trip for Hola People to Yorkshire Dales National Park. Please go to Yorkshire Dales National Park Day trip for more information, or to sign up for this trip.

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