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Does the UK say goodbye to the Erasmus+ programme after Brexit?

The House of Commons ratified the agreement regulating the conditions for the country’s departure from the European Union (EU) (Brexit).

The proposal will be enacted after Queen 2 Elizabeth’s approval, and Britain will leave the EU on January 31, which he joined in 1973.

According to the agreement reached, Britain will pay the EU approximately 30 billion Sterlin, guarantee the rights of EU citizens living in the UK, and a customs point will be created in the Irish Sea.

The UK will continue to be subject to the rules of Brussels during the transition period that will continue until the end of 2020.

Negotiations will start for a new relationship.

Britain’s stay in the Erasmus Student Exchange Programme after Brexit was in danger after the last session in the House of Commons.

In the voting held on Wednesday evening, it was decided whether to add a statement on the negotiation of the continuation of the Erasmus + programme to the Withdrawal Agreement.

The voting resulted in the Conservative Party and Democratic Unity Party lawmakers prevailed with 254 to 344.

According to this result, the government will have no legal obligation to negotiate with the European Union to stay in the Erasmus + program after Brexit.

The decision was reacted by pro-EU and program beneficiaries. Those who have already attended Erasmus emphasized the importance of the program by sharing the knowledge and experiences they have gained through the program via social media.

The Ministry of Education spokesperson explained that the academic relationship between the UK and the European Union, including the Erasmus + programme, will continue if it complies with the interests of the country, and the voting cannot change anything.

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According to the information on the European Commission website, the UK will continue to be included in the Erasmus + programme after Brexit. According to the statement made by the programme spokesperson, applications made for 2020 will not be affected by the voting result.

Launched in the late 1980s, the program allows British students to study in the European Union countries and European students in the UK. So far, tens of thousands of students have benefited from the programme’s financial assistance to study abroad.

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