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Social Language Learning improves confidence

Fear of socialising?

Can you talk with a person you just met? Are there awkward silences? Do you not know what to say? We are people and we all have fears and many times the fears can be present when we are in front of people that we have just met. There are people who open up less and some who open up more, but why does this happen?

This fear can also be called shyness and can be a result of personal experience of genetics since there are people prone to this character, but does not mean someone prone to become. Experience instead may have more importance in personality than genetics. People are developing from birth until we die learning a little about everything around us, people are what we have experienced.

It is difficult to change our personality depending on each person. Many times, we mentalise that we should say amazing things or how to say them because when we talk a person we want that they are astonished and we could get to the point that we do not enjoy the conversation nor the other person because we continue making her bored with our performance. In addition, many times we return home disappointed or angry because we have not experienced a good time with a person. We lose many things for fear of losing. We miss many opportunities whether it’s in our career missing out on that dream job or personal life of making new friends

Hola People organises social language learning activities where everyone can decide to be brave and enjoy the conversation even in another language. We hope this small article helps to see things differently.

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