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Getting in touch with the Turkish culture


Baklava is the greatest sweet that I ever tasted and they offer it in a range variety. Have you ever drunk black Turkish tea? You can either drink it pure, 100% black tea, or you drink it less strong, diluted with water. Turkish culture has a range variety of different meals. Whatever you like, you surely find it in the Turkish cooking culture as well. Even if you are vegan, they also offer a lot of different menus for you.


“Azıcık aşım, kaygısız başım”.
Let my food be little but my head be worryless.


BaklavaTurkish People are often very lovely and friendly. Invite you into their home, offer you food and even a place to sleep if you need it. When you are visiting a Turkish family, you should keep a few things in mind: 1. Take your shoes off when arriving at their home. 2. Bring some sweets or another gift with you. 3. Respect the elder ones. The family has a very high value in Turkey. If you want to make a very good impression, then greet the elder people in the traditional way: Kiss the hand and then put the hand onto your forehead.

Pamukkale, wonderful landscapeTurkey has a lot of different Landscapes. Istanbul is a very interesting cultural city that you should definitely see at least ones in your life. 20 km away is the Büyükada -Princess Island, the island looks like a small paradise. The amazing natural thermal Pools in Pamukkale look fascinating and are a great place to get new energy. The Taurus Mountains are a beautiful experience  for hikers. The Kabak Beach in Fethiye looks like a postcard. You walk through the forest and end up at a clear beach, with beautiful sand and turquoise water. You are more into seeing a desert? Then visit Duna. Turkey offers a variety of different landscapes.

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Çok yaşayan değil, çok gezen bilir”.
One who travels knows much, not one who lives long.


I was born in a Turkish/German family. One thing that I really love about Turkish culture- besides the friendly people and the beautiful landscape – are the proverbs. Turkish proverbs are often on point and very creative.

Three Turkish wise and philosophical proverbs:

  1. “Anasına bak kızını al, kenarına bak bezini al“. Take daughter by looking at her mother, take cloth by looking it‘s rim.
  2. Akıllı köprüyü arayıncaya kadar deli suyu geçer”. A crazy man passes the river by the time wise man searching the bridge.
  3. Bugün bana ise, yarın sana.” If it is me today, it will be you tomorrow.


Maybe your next journey will take you to turkey?


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