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How to deal with homesickness?

Feeling lonely in a big world

Let me tell you something about homesickness. I think that almost everyone knows what I am talking about. Homesickness is something that follows you everywhere. But is it true that it is the same with everyone? No, every single person has to deal with homesickness in his or her own way. You don’t have to do what everyone says, but you can listen to their advice. It is up to you to do something about it. Is quitting an option? Sure, but you will probably regret that for the rest of your life.




Some people can’t stand it and it feels like a broken heart. I have been there, but I got through it. It was not only because I listened to everyone, it was also because I created my own list. A list of the positive and the negative things what I had. Also, I called my parents every day and I sent messages to the people that I care about.

Don’t keep your daily things at a distance. You will always keep that in your heart. Do what you love to do. Do you love sightseeing or watching movies all day, or are you always busy with your work? Keep doing that and talk with the people you can trust about your situation. It is so much better than keeping it for yourself. Sure, there are always people who are thinking that you are talking dumb, but don’t listen to them. You will find the people where you can speak with and they will help you through this.

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Only fail when you stop trying

Homesickness is not a sickness that tells you that you are weak. It tells you that you do have something that you love and care about. Remember that homesickness won’t be forever. If you will continue your daily stuff in that other place, you will get over it. It just takes some time. Sometimes it is one day, sometimes it is one month. You can create your own space with pictures from your pet or family and all the other stuff that makes you more feeling like home. After your travel period, you will be reunited with the things that you care about. Maybe you miss your family, your house, your hometown, your pet or maybe it is everything. Again, homesickness shows you how strong your love is to everything that you care about. If you keep holding on, you will see that you will make it trough. In the future, you will be thankful that you did it.


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