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Move abroad for university

How you can have a debt-free undergraduate degree: move abroad

Are you tired of seeing how everyone in your group of friends or in your family carries a debt of at least £30,000? University fees in the United Kingdom start at over £9000 a year, no matter what degree you are studying.

Students in the United Kingdom usually study undergraduate degrees which are 3 years long and usually take a year out before starting a Master’s degree. However helpful, the year out is not compulsory for every type of degree.

Say you want to study a 3-year-long undergraduate degree plus a 2-year-long Master’s degree. It’s a simple sum, you will end up with £45,000 to pay your student finance provider throughout your life.


Here’s our proposal:

Learn another language and study abroad.

University degrees in Spain are usually 4 years long, and the average price in a public university is around €2000 per academic year, depending on how many subjects you enrol yourself in.

You will obviously have to add up the cost of living and transport, but I can assure you that they will not exceed the £9000 cost per year of a UK university degree. If you also take into account the great food, weather and people, you won’t mind such expenses.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, what if I told you that some northern European countries don’t even pay university fees, as the governments believe in free quality university for everyone. You heard me, everyone, even if you are not a national.

Do your research and look for advantages and disadvantages before enrolling yourself in a course that you might not even like, just because it’s close to home!

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