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Let your life dance

Everybody loves to dance, yet we feel that not everyone is  good in performing. Our body automatically responses to rhythm as well to music. All our senses are being tuned in the minute we listen to music, we can feel the way emotions are being expressed. The way the tones are uplifting or down to earth. Bringing in the connection with our emotional body and memories. I know as a kid I was always being struck deep in my heart when the marching bands passed down our streets. At a concert by a band with only a rhythm section, the first song they played opened my heart so wide open, tears started to flow.

We are so creative in our lives to go to the edge of music, the tones and rhythm combined. Nothing like music is able to connect so many people in one place. It connects each of us from our heart and soul, bringing forth euphoric moments even. It is all about balance of what feels comfortable and what is screeching creating shivers down your spine. Music is the expression of life experiences. We can put in our emotions through the lyrics, the song, the music which is been created to match it up. Life has that effect on us.Like the drama creates a whole different song and tune compared to the happy moments in our life. It is all so connected with our physical and emotional body, that we are being invited to move on the music.

Dance is also an expression of how we want to express our emotions. And although it is an universal way we are responding to the invitation, the expressions are various and almost infinite. Created through the norms and values as well in all those different countries and religions. Freedom of creating music or being restricted has a lot to do with the way we are able to express ourselves. What makes us happy feels a lot lighter and will be felt through the music and rhythm. Our diversity all over the world is a magical way of watching the potentials come to life. Deep down in our ancestor lineages we can find the deeply rooted and anchoring way of expression in dance. As well the highly uplifting and almost etheric ways of expression. And all in between.

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Life is full of changes, as are the way people expresses themselves over time and different era. How to evolve and develop our new insights is always been shown in our ways of expressing them through music and dance. Dance represents our ability to move on the challenges and changes in our day to day life as well. We all are effected by the way music is been incorporated in our life. No matter where we are, in every corner music and dance are part of our lives expression. So dancing on the edge of time, like dew on the tip of a leaf can be challenging for sure.

We all know how delicate the balance is before the dew will drop on the ground. Just a whisper of the wind can make if fall. Yet the light within the dew is also referring to our inner light, pure and subtle consciousness. Tip toing through life at times, sharing moments of joy in happiness expressed in the ray of dance and movement. Let your Life dance means nothing more than to keep on moving in ways that will make you happy and filled with joy. Allowing the changes in your life be filled with the challenges that are connected with them. Every move is a way of expression yourself. You are the conductor and creator of the way you dance through life.

Maybe it feels like restricted or undesirable. It is an invitation from your soul to look for other ways to dance your life. The restrictions are part of a process to create a life that is filled with freedom. The challenges will apply to your courage and heart’s desire to be in harmony with the joy and love you are worth of. Every soul starts this journey we call life with choices to make it the best possible. Along the way we may be distracted and off track, so the rhythm changes in our hearts. Life is to be enjoyed fully. Life is about abundance and connections heart to heart. Then we can dance lightly and reach out towards the limits of the boundaries we think we have. Dance your Life, with a capital L. Allow yourself to come forth and shine and dance lightly, just searching for the balance as does dew on the tip of a leaf.

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You do not have to be good. You do not have to walk on your knees, for a hundred miles through the desert, repenting. You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves – Mary Oliver said this. It is also about giving yourself permission to let your inner passion work through the motions of Life. Adjusting to the rhythm of the experiences, yet always looking out for the best and highest outcome. Time is a constant flux and works in mysterious ways. When you are having fun, it seems to move fast. When things are getting rough, time is ticking away slower than normal. Like the rhythm of Life time has the ability to shift. Going back and forth in time we dance our way through our memories as well.

Let your Life dance. The way it makes you feel happy and filled with joy is the best way to dance lightly. In every challenge you encounter lies the possibility to turn things around for the best. In the light of time dance your life as easy and balanced possible, to bring forth the purity of your heart and soul. Listen to your own rhythm, create your own music and tune in every time you need to. Express yourself through your dance of life. Bring in every tempo and every musical expression, that will raise your vibration and frequency. Light will assist you to stretch your life to the edge of time, as Love is the key to find the balance on the tip of your leaf. Dance your Life so you can let your life dance.

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And so it will be done.

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