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Living learning Spanish in Spain

Learning a foreign language is indeed one of the greatest and most beneficial things you can do in life. When starting to study a new language you don´t simply study grammar and vocabulary but you open up to a brand new world. You get in touch with another culture by learning about the local traditions, the typical food, the traditional music, and dances. Moreover, you make your life easier while travelling and also have the opportunity to talk with local people.

But apart from the fun part, being able to speak more than one language increases one’s employability and cognitive abilities as well. That is because along with the improvement of communications skills, studying a foreign language can also boost one’s performance in mathematics as well as in the ability to make decisions. Additionally, according to research, it can transform your brain as it increases the size of certain parts of it like the hippocampus which is connected to memory and navigation. Finally, it can also enhance the ability of processing information while at the same time it is great defence from some mental diseases.

But in order to take advantage all these benefits, you need to spend hours of studying and practising on a daily basis. Possessing a good demand for a second or third language is not an easy task to achieve and it needs effort and discipline.

But, what if we told you that studying a foreign language could be also fun? What if you had the chance to travel to another country, taught by a native professional teacher while being hosted by him and his friendly family? Imagine attending Spanish language classes in the morning, learning how to cook paella at noon and having flamenco classes in the evening and spending your whole day speaking in Spanish while at the same time you are introduced to the Spanish culture.

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Living learning Spanish in Spain

leaning living Spanish in Spain

Living learning Spanish in Spain is here to offer you an effective way to study Spanish but also an unforgettable experience by travelling in Spain and take the most of the Spanish culture while at the same time you will have classes by a native professional teacher who will also be your host and your personal guide. The level and the structure of the course is formed by you and your teachers according to your needs and it can be addressed to everyone despite his/her age. When you combine studying with experience the result is always remarkable.

Would you like to learn more about Living learning Spanish in Spain? You can take a look at what Richard has to say about his experience in Seville.

I have just returned from Seville after a week of learning with Living Learning Spanish. It was fantastic – total immersion with a lovely host and excellent teacher. My Spanish has improved incredibly (from a pretty low starting point I have to say!)”~Richard Munro.

You can have more information on Living learning Spanish as well as for more language courses abroad on Hola People website.

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