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Must-know Tips for Succulent Beginners

Succulent Care has been a very popular occupation in recent years. First of all, growing succulents is quite easy and almost anyone can do it (especially after reading this). There are millions of species and colors of succulents hence they are also great options for home decorations. Succulents just need a small environment, so they can be placed in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and office.

Growing plants also helps your mental stability. When you make a great effort to grow it and finally get the results, that feeling can’t be explained with words…

Let’s go on a journey into the world of tiny plants.

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What defines a succulent?

Succulents, which are among the options frequently preferred by those who want to grow plants at home, have quite different varieties. Succulents are plants that can collect water on their petioles, stems, roots, and leaves. Its full leaves are covered with tiny hairs as if they are going to explode. In this way, it doesn’t have difficulty in increasing the water retention rate by slowing the evaporation. The secret to being perennial plants comes from this skill.


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How to care for your indoor succulents

All species belonging to the succulent family are maintained in the same way. The most important point to be considered in care is the flower pot selection. Pots with air holes should be preferred.

If you are going to use a pot that does not have air holes, you should provide good drainage at the base with pebbles. If you do not provide good drainage, the plant will rot and die in a short time.

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When making a soil mix for succulents, it is best to use a light, porous soil on top. Do not use heavy garden soils and any mix that holds water longer than other mixes. Succulents grow best in a porous sandy potting soil.


Do succulents need sunlight?

It should be viewed in semi-light and semi-dark environments, away from direct sunlight. Very cold weather is risky for Succulent. 4-5 hours of sunlight will be sufficient for succulents receiving direct sunlight. Don’ forget, they love light but don’t like burning.


How to Water Succulent Plants

With as little irrigation as possible, it will be possible to keep the plant alive. In addition, watering approximately once a week in summer is sufficient for the plant to remain alive. In the winter, irrigation once in 10 days will be sufficient.

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I hope these pieces of information will help you and save your succulents. Please share with me your life-saving tips and photos of your little babies.

The next article will be about “How to Repot and Propagate Succulents”. Feel free to ask any kind of questions. Till then, take care!

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