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Using lunch boxes is a sustainable way to restore food

Packing tips to travel sustainably

“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly” – Anne Marie Bonneau.

While packing for a trip there are some little things that – if you take care of them – are steps to save our planet. Here are some ideas which may inspire you.


  1. Download your tickets on your phone instead of printing them out



Ban plastic packaging out of your bathroom by using natural soap

  1. Take a natural Soap with you, that saves a lot of space, which is essential when travelling and also reduces the waste of plastic. Also if you are flying, it does not count as liquids.
  2. Use a natural toothbrush and also some toothpaste tabs.
  3. Instead of using cotton face rounds, why not try fabric face rounds? You can keep using them as you do it with a towel.
  4. Take care of which suncream to use, try to protect the ocean and not use suncream which contains Oxybenzone.




  1. Bring a small bag with you where you can put your dirty laundry in.
  2. Think about what you will need and don’t pack to much stuff. Plan exactly what you will wear each day, that helps you not to take more clothes with you than you need. If you are using the plane, every gram is increasing the CO2-pollution.



  1. Instead of buying printed magazines, that you probably throw away after reading, why not bring a good book with you? Or download some interesting apps onto your phone?
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Kitchen/Food restoring

  1. Take a glass bottle with you, that also avoids microplastic in your water.
  2. If you are a coffee lover, why not use a thermos bottle instead of single-use to-go cups?
  3. A Metal lunch box is always helpful, you can cook healthy food on your own and take it with you wherever you go instead of buying fast food at the shop which is saved in a plastic bag.
  4. When buying local food take with your reusable bags to put them in.
  5. Bring your own spork, you will definitely need it (it is a mix of a spoon and a fork).


Before traveling

1. Make sure to eat all the food that you have at home or give it away.

2. Plug out all your electronic devices and turn off the lights


Thank you for reading and have a wonderful journey.


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