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Broaden Your Horizons! International experience

Are you interested in living overseas and enhancing your international experience? Why not study abroad at a partner university or gain some international experience as an intern at an overseas company? or maybe follow a language course or volunteer?

There are many things you can learn from living abroad.

Grow as a person!

Studying or working abroad is not just good for your CV. The most valuable thing you would earn is personal development. Before going abroad, there are many things you have to arrange such as requesting a visa, opening a bank-account and booking your flight. When you arrive, the biggest challenge will be getting used to the new culture and weather. There will be ups and downs, but after you finish your work/study abroad experience you will be stronger and more independent. Most importantly, you will gain a lifelong experience and friends.

You learn a new language and culture.

Whether you have studied the native language of the country or you are not familiar with it, the experience abroad is perfect for you to learn a new language or improve it.

A language is just a part of a country’s culture. You will not only improve new language skills, but you will also become familiar with a new culture and the history of the country. You become more open-minded and your social skills improve. You will look at the world from a new point of view. This is perfect if you are planning on working in an international company later in your life.

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Your way to a successful career!

Okay, let’s move on the professional growth of your experience abroad. Companies look for applicants with international experiences and multiple languages on their CV. Applicants who have had an international work/study experience have a better chance of finding their dream job.

You meet new people while studying/working abroad and you grow your professional network. This opens the door for more business connections and gives you access to new careers and job opportunities.

If you have been hesitating about whether to go overseas or not, do not wait any longer! It is the perfect opportunity for you. Maybe go with a friend? Or break out of your comfort bubble and challenge yourself.


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