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Studying across Europe with help from Erasmus+

Studying across Europe with help from Erasmus+


In the working society we live in it is expected to have experience and where can you get this better then abroad? It does not matter where you study nowadays, doing an internship abroad, at the other side of Europe for example, will be expensive. Think about accommodation, plane tickets, insurance and funding. For young adults it can be difficult and perhaps chaotic to think about all these different things beside their own studies.

Luckily Erasmus+ is there to help you. Since April 2016 Hola People started working alongside this massive European Union Programme. Erasmus+ aims to modernise education, training and youth work. What makes Erasmus so amazing is that they believe that not only youth should be able to develop themselves but also adults, no matter what age you are.


The European Commission has reserved up to 15 million euro’s for the period from 2014 to 2020 to help and educate thousands of people. With the knowledge and experience that is developed in the Erasmus+ programme, the European economy should grow for the better future.


What can Erasmus+ do for you?


Erasmus+ is aimed at students both young and old, volunteers, professors, teachers, professionals or organisations active in education, training and youth sector. Taking part in the programme will let you gain valuable international experience and broadens your horizon.


There are 33 participating countries (27 EU-countries and 5 non-EU countries) where you can travel to during your Erasmus+ project. Of course you have to check with your school or institution whether you can travel here or not. There are many possibilities to get a subsidy from Erasmus+. The subsidy programme of Erasmus+ exists out of 3 Key Actions:

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Key Action 1:

Here you can apply for funding to run mobility projects such as, work experience, job shadowing and training.

Key Action 2:

Here you can apply to work in partnership with organisations from other participating countries.

Key Action 3:

Covers the field of higher education, vocational education and training.


Next to these three Key Actions there are also Jean Monnet Activities and Sport. The Jean Monnet activities support and fund academic institutions. They only cover the field of higher education only. Erasmus+ Sport promotes good governance and tackle cross-borders threats to the integrity of sport.


Benefits from working with Erasmus+

  1. Develop personally, professionally and academically.
  2. Gain vital new skills required for a global economy.
  3. Broadens your horizon, physically and mentally!
  4. Receive financial support.
  5. Acquire invaluable transferable skills.
  6. Increase motivation to learn.
  7. Boost your employability.
  8. Develop cultural awareness and open mindedness.
  9. Enhance self-confidence.
  10. Gain knowledge in new subjects or in teaching methods.
  11. Improve and gain language skills.
  12. Have fun!

Personal Experience

With the Netherlands also participating in the Erasmus+ programme I was lucky to be able to choose to do my abroad internship in Liverpool at Hola People. Of course you won’t receive a subsidy that easily. You have to make a budget to see what your expenses are going to be, you have to make two tests( one at the beginning and one at the end of your internship) to see how good your English is and if you have grown while working abroad, at the end it is also expected that you will write a 2 paged essay about your experiences and what you have learnt. This is all beside your usual school work and exercises. Eventually you will receive the subsidy and you can book your ticket, take care of your insurances, pay for your accommodation, travel costs and food and drinks.

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For short, an internship abroad sounds amazing and it certainly is, but all the extra work should not be underestimated.

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