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The Habit of doing more than paid for

You know that people always put a price on what they want, but why not go further than that? If you do more than what was expected, you will give people the impression that you are not just a person who provides services for money.

These people can give it back to you in many other ways that will be much more useful to you than money. Or simply being a good person and doing a service for someone without expecting anything in return, can help you feel good. It is important to know that some people prefer to offer rather than receive, so they will take more pleasure in offering their services, simply to help people and be happy about it.

Another example, some people say I don’t earn enough money for what I do, it’s unfair. But in some cases, these people only think about the money they raise, while there are many other factors that come into play. There is the fact of feeling good in your company, if your work brings you a dose of creativity that prevents you from getting bored, or if you are passionate about your work, if you are happy to go there knowing that you will do what you like to do.

If, after all these criteria, you still find that you feel badly paid for what you bring to the company and what the company brings you, then you have two choices, either continue working in that direction or change direction that will allow you to perhaps be better paid or happier in what you do.

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For example, it may be interesting to work as an intern or apprentice for free for a while when you start or change careers, it will allow you to gain experience, skills and many other things, which will allow you to earn more later on.
Then you can work for charities, to help people in need, you will probably discover a new culture, get experience in some areas that are not yours, discover people who can thank you later. The people you help will pay you with a smile, which is very satisfying. In addition, you will receive references from these charities that can be very useful in finding a job, it will show that you are a person who does not only refer to money.

For the business part of the thing, when you have a customer who will pay for a service or a good, if you make a small gesture this can be very appreciated. For example, when you go to the restaurant, you may be offered a small digestive at the end of your meal, this small gesture on the part of the restaurant was not necessary but it will have made you happy. So, you will probably talk to your friends and family, who will go to this restaurant themselves, it’s advantageous on both sides. As Antoine Lavoisier would say: “nothing is lost, everything is transformed”.

Finally, let me tell you that we follow this example of doing more than paid for, among other things, through the QLU Project and the Young Leaders Academy programme, that supports young people from all around the world to achieve their goals. And we are proud of doing it!

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