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The importance of a mentor and a coach

Before we understand how important they may be, we talk first about the difference between a mentor and a coach. So, a mentor is a person who has already been where you want to be. So, he can be just one, two or three steps ahead of you. He doesn’t need to be an expert already, although this can be a plus but more complicated to find. If it is already several steps ahead. This will be enough because he can help you in the steps he goes through and make it feedback that can help you.

He can give you a map, the steps to follow to reach that point. It could be very useful because you gain time on research and the mistake he did before you could do. Now the coach, who is a person that doesn’t tell you what to do, but through questions makes you realise what you need to do in your life or for your goal.

So, first, you need to know what your goal is. He will be there to accompany you, through interviews with him, for example, every week, he will set objectives and make sure that the objectives have been achieved or if they have not been achieved, he will ask you the question, why? Having a coach in your life is very important, most of the time it will be your friend, your family, but to have something more “professional”, it is better to find someone outside your usual circle, you can count on him and he will be there to give you his help, his tips etc…

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Your mentor could be also a programme or school. They will not only give you courses but can also give you the opportunity to have someone assigned to help you in your development. It is very important to have a good relationship with your mentor, and not just a professional one, if you could have common interests it would only be better. You can have a mentor for several areas or one mentor for one area, like if you want a mentor for your finance, for your strategy or just for your physical fitness.

It is also important that if your mindset is not the right one for what you want to achieve, your mentor will be there to tell you that you must change, because if you work in the wrong direction, it will be useless.

In summary, why it is so important to have a coach or mentor. First, because he will be there to guide you, give you his help and tips. Because it will be how to do it because it has already been in your place and will know the mistakes to avoid. Then secondly, he will help you to build your network, and introduce you in the world of business. You know, sometimes you need a service and you use your network for this, and in return, the person you have contacted will be able to come back to you for a service. This is like an old-time when people traded goods for services or services for goods. It is important to have a coach or mentor, because if you have a big goal, you will have a long journey and it will be possible for you to be weak and discouraged but this person will be there to reassure you and help you in these moments.

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If you would like to have the opportunity to be supported by a mentor/coach, there is a programme by QLU Project that offers scholarships to young people to have a mentor/coach.

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