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The Importance of English

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  • 13 Jul 2016

The importance of learning languages


In this day and age it is essential to speak, write and understand the English language. It is an extremely important way that will allow doors to your future to be opened. Opportunities such as travelling for work, studying abroad as well as networking will become available to you through knowing English.

The reason? English is the official language to around 400 million people!


The number of speakers is rapidly growing, as it is required in the economy, labor and cultural sector. Even more so in Spain as the tourist industry continues to develop, which is due to the increase in the number of English speaking visitors each year.


One article submitted in November 2014 by the Spanish newspaper, El Pais told us that “According to the Index Level of English, Spain is positioned at number 23 on the World Ranking of countries that do not speak English […] The level of English taught in classrooms is not adequate […].”


Spanish parents are conscious of the importance of the language, and are finding ways for their children to learn English from a young age. Whether it is through bilingual colleges, immersion classes in English or even native English Au Pairs.


Nowadays there are infinite articles and blogs that recommend the best way to learn English, constantly iterating the steps that you should and shouldn’t take. However, listening to English music or radio, reading books, watching TV are all fundamental and easily done. Perhaps the most paramount of ways to learn English is to actually converse with those that are fluent.

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Henceforth, many young Spaniards are aware that the only way to learn English is to fully immerse themselves by travelling to a country that speaks the language. It is essential to not only change your attitude, but to also find an environment that is fun to learn in. Agencies such as Hola People and Aula Ingles, backed by the IAPA and AEAAF, offer Au Pair placements in Spanish and English families, English spring and summer camps, as well as English tutors. This ensures that from a young age children are offered a high quality language immersion, which will guarantee a future for them without difficulties in the working world.

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