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The importance of learning Spanish

In the world, there are currently almost 500 million people who speak Spanish with their mother tongue and many others who are learning it or who speak it with a second language. Here are some reasons why you should learn Spanish:

  1. Spanish is the language in which more than 20 countries in the world communicate. And is that in addition to Spain, which is the country where the language was born, is spoken in all the countries of Central and South America, except Brazil.

  1. For demographic reasons, the percentage of the world population that speaks Spanish as a native language is increasing, while the proportion of Chinese and English speakers is decreasing at present. In recent history, 6.7% of the world population was Spanish-speaking, but the forecasts estimate that in the year 2030 the Spanish speakers will reach 7.8% of the world population.
  1. Spanish is the third most used language on the Internet and the second most used in the two main social networks in the world: Facebook and Twitter. In addition, the use of Spanish on the Internet has experienced a growth of 807.4% between 2000 and 2011, and of the 285 languages in which the contents of Wikipedia are currently published, Spanish occupies the fifth position in terms of the number of visits.
  1. Knowledge of Spanish can open many doors and new job and business opportunities. There are many jobs that require knowledge of Spanish as a second language. In the globalised world in which to live it is possible to be able to communicate in other languages and that will make you improve your worth as a worker. Speaking Spanish is an added value for today’s world since today’s businesses and companies want people in the workforce as prepared as possible and who can help them in an increasingly globalised world. In short, learning Spanish makes you improve professionally and gives you the opportunity to access positions of greater relevance, importance, and worth.
  1. If you are travelling to a Spanish-speaking country for vacation, work or study reasons, speaking Spanish helps you greatly. Study Spanish to open many doors at a professional level. There are many countries that have English as their official language, which is why there are many jobs in which this can be a fundamental factor. Countries such as Spain, Mexico or Cuba are a cultural obligation, since they have hundreds of museums, millenary architecture, vestiges of their time, during the nightlife, breathing an unparalleled culture. Therefore, studying Spanish is also in the country of your choice.
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Among many other reasons… there is no reason why you should not learn or improve your Spanish.

We’re here to help you to improve your Spanish level with our online classes.

Spanish Online Classes

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