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Positive vs negative thoughts

The importance of positive thoughts

To discuss positive thoughts, we can start by talking about the different types of thoughts that exist. For example, you have neutral thoughts, that is the type of thoughts that help you to keep running, to keep alive. You have multiple examples for that, like, when you go to the supermarket, you will think about what to buy to eat, to drink. Then there are unnecessary thoughts, you must imagine what kind of thoughts he has, for example when you say to yourself, I’m going to go to Netflix, or watch TV.

You’re going to go on your social networks, it’s typically procrastination. You know you can do useful things, but you would rather do unnecessary things. Then there are the negative energies. These thoughts will not only waste your energy, but also make you weaker, and waste your time. You know that little voice that you say, that you can’t do anything. Or when other people criticize you, this little voice will lower you even more and remind you in the next situation. You will lose your self-esteem, which will probably stop you in your goals.

To answer these negative thoughts. Are you going to tell me how to do it? You have the power within you. You must be positive and change your mind. You know there’s the image of the angel and the demon on each shoulder.

For example, “I’ll never be able to do that”, “I’m not good enough to do that”, we can say that it’s the little demon who tells you that, then there’s the angel who’ll tell you you’re enough to do that, or you have to do that, you’re able to do that. Or to eliminate negative thoughts you can just identify them, and once identified.

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Which is one of the main steps to eliminate negative ideas? Once you’ve identified yourself, you think I must move on. Yet another way to eliminate these thoughts, to transform the situation in which you are ridiculed. For example: “I lost 20€, how am I going to do it, I won’t be able to buy my food for tonight. And how I’m going to do tomorrow! I’m going to die.” You see, it’s not that bad and turn it into an ironic situation so you can de-dramatize it.

Now we will be able to talk about positive thoughts. These thoughts will be there to achieve your goals, to help you move forward in life. There are two things that are different, being an optimist and having optimist thoughts. Being optimistic will be more of an attitude in everyday life, it will be a person who will always see the positive side of things. And to have optimistic thoughts from time to time on certain topics.

So, I’ll give you an example: “If you think you’re not a good dancer.” In your head, you may think that I’m not a good dancer now, but I can become one. So, you’re going to tell yourself so that I can become a good dancer, I’m going to have to take classes, train and become better. And you will be able to train other people, to become better. Like, look at him, he’s like me, why I couldn’t do the same, so he can also take dance classes to become better.

Also, there is a way to eliminate negative thoughts, that’s what they say, for the affirmation that there are three things that will help you. The first person, like I, the second thing is the present time, with I am and the positive. You will be able to face each other face-to-face with yourself. For example, in front of a mirror, tell you, I’m the best, I can do it or others. With this method, you will gain greater self-confidence by rejecting negative thoughts.

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