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Venezuela: The little Venice

What if we talk about a place with the best weather in the hole world, a place where you can easily go through big cold mountains to warmest rivers and beaches, with desserts and snowfields just a few kilometers between. All this surrounded by the kindest people you can meet. Sure you’re thinking about Eden, but no. We are talking about Venezuela. A true piece of heaven sharing the best of the Caribbean and SouthAmerica.

It´s very easy for me to talk about my country because their beauty is more clear for me now that I’m not living there since two years ago. From the outside is just amazing how you do can admire and appreciate the beauty of your own place.

Its name comes from Cristobal Colon third travel, and he saw this kind of autochthons houses in the middle of the lake and remembered him Venice in Italy, so he decided to call this new place the little Venice “Venezuela”.

Venezuela is a small country with a population of about 30 million people, mostly young according to official statistics. Its history´s remarkable for being the place where Simón Bolivar, the liberator of more than 5 countries were born. In the valleys of this country – cities like Caracas and Valencia- many battles were fought against Spanish conquers, in order to take the independence back, and also from there, a liberation army with horses and hopes crossed thousands of miles of South America continent in pursuit of freedom. Thus, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia could be part of this dream of greatness and freedom Bolivar came true. This fight for freedom still remains. Venezuela people actually are fighting its own battle against a government that had led the country in the last 20 years to its worst economic, humanitarian and political crisis never experienced before.

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However, Venezuela is a country that everybody has to visit and enjoy. Beautiful and serenity beaches are waiting for all of those who look for peace, good food and a friendly environment where people make you feel at home all the time. Sunset in Playa El Yaque o Pampatar, in Margarita Island, Mochima National Park in Sucre state,  are some the most famous and beautiful beaches you can enjoy.

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Travel to Venezuela - Mochima National Park


Also, Galipan and Avila Mountains, are a perfect way to escape from the loud and crowd in the capital city, Caracas.

Believe us when we tell you that these photos don´t show the true beauty and peace you are going to experiment there. Venezuela and their people are just waiting for you, so don´t hesitate to become your next travel in the best experience ever.


Avila Mountain - Caracas

Galipán Mountains - Caracas (Venezuela)

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