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The seven wonders of Liverpool

It is very easy to find inspiration to write about reasons for choosing Liverpool as a destination for your personal journey of learning from other cultures and also, improve your English. If you have doubts or are thinking about already…Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Liverpool is a friendly city with a multicultural history that still remains in its buildings and its people. Every street or road has the trace of a millenarian history and between their old walls, you can find and feel the scent of ancient ages of architecture combined with the modernism so particular of Liverpool City. Not in vain, it was declared by UNESCO World Heritage Site. Liverpool got one of the largest collections of Grade I listed buildings in the UK and largest cathedral in Britain.

That´s the Wonder One in our list: The Liverpool (Anglican) Cathedral, the largest in the whole of the UK and the fifth largest in the world, unique and fascinating which amazingly survived two world wars. The height of its walls makes them disappears in front of our eyes and the beauty and solemnity of the art paintings and sculptures take our breath away. Note that Liverpool has two cathedrals, the Catholic Cathedral is a beautiful building too and very much worthy of a mention.

Our Wonder Two is the St. Luke´s Bombed Out Church in the City Centre, the last bomb-site in Liverpool, is the legacy of the brave people who lived and died during the May Blitz of 1941 who formed the congregation and community for over a century before the start of the Second World War. Inside its walls grow flowers of all colours that remind us of the rebirth of hope for the people after having lost many lives there.

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A must visit, is the World Museum of Liverpool, our Wonder Three, is divided into 5 floors full of adventures and amazing experiences. It has thousands of exhibits sourced from across the planet, including impressive Egyptian mommies, meteorites and dinosaurs’ skeletons whose odour you can even smell. They also have live creatures, an aquarium and bughouse. Their Planetarium has interesting expositions, a theatre and an observatory.

If you are looking for impressive architecture in Liverpool, the Liver Building is the place, is our Wonder Four, where you can find the interface between classic and contemporary. It was built in 1911, and the structure is overlooking the River Mersey and dominating one of the world’s most famous waterfront skylines.

For music lovers, you cannot miss visiting our Wonder Five, The Story of Beatles, where you will have a close approach to the lives and legacy of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. And do not forget a pass by The Cavern Club, the Wonder Six, opened in 1957 and the birthplace of The Beatles, you can have some drinks and also enjoy great local talents.

And last, but not least, is our Wonder Seven is to visit the city at the weekend during football season to be a witness of the eternal rivalry in world sport. You´ll be shocked by hordes of fans in either the red of Liverpool FC or the blue of Everton FC colouring the streets in their way to the stadium and the crowding and excitement when celebrate of winning. A good idea could be to take the tour to both stadiums.

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As you can see, all you need is a little inspiration to encourage yourself to visit this beautiful city and –who knows- maybe choosing for living.

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