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The Young Leaders Academy

Are you struggling in life and studying a career without knowing what to do next? Would you like to do something great, helping people, but you don’t know where to start with?

Then this is the right place to be, the Young Leaders Academy!

We are offering scholarships, free places, to join this Academy for 9 months.

Let me explain to you what is this academia about, but, most importantly, what is not about. It’s not about giving you a job, but I promise you that after these nine months with us, you will have much more priorities to get that job or to achieve the goals that you want to achieve.


1. What is the Young Leaders Academy 

Young leaders academy is a training that is given by professionals from several fields such as digital marketing, entrepreneurship, language courses, website creation, personal brand etc….

These professionals will be there to answer your questions as mentors or coaches, as this is the main goal of the Young Leaders Academy. This academy aims to connect young people who want to change the world with their ideas and in the way they want. As you probably know, with a group that wants to move forward together it will go much faster than if you do things alone and without anyone’s help.

This is how the idea of creating the Young Leaders Academy came about. An academy that connects young people with the desire to change things but who do not yet have all the tips to do so with professionals as coaches or mentors to give them these tips so that young leaders can progress faster.

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2. Who can join the Young Leaders Academy

We are looking for young leaders. But let me tell you what we understand for a leader. A leader like a person who wants to change the world, for the better, in some or other way. We want to hear from those people.

And what we are offering to these leaders or future leaders, what we are offering you now, we want to give 10 scholarships to enter the Young Leaders Academy™ for 9 months.

So, if you are really motivated, if you want to learn in a group where you are ready to provide work, for others and for yourself above all, all this to change your life, then I suggest you join our academy which will be happy to help you to change things.


3. Why we created the Young Leaders Academy

My name is Esteban Tejedor, and 15 years ago I was just like you. I was young, I had my routine in an office and then one day I decided to change and become a freelancer to travel around the world. These trips allowed me to get to know myself better and therefore to get to know the Human Being better.

During these trips, I started a few companies, but I would have liked to have been accompanied by someone who would have allowed me to avoid many mistakes and do what I was doing in a better way. A few years later, I was lucky enough to have been accompanied and it really helped me, and I learned a lot of tricks for creating a business.

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Now that I knew how useful it could be, I thought I had to democratise it. It is from this reflection that I launched young leaders academy which aims to bring together coaches and mentors with young people who want to change our world.

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