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Things to do in Valladolid – Spain

Valladolid has an important historical and cultural patrimonial, with good gastronomy. It’s a good city not just to visit museums, but also have a good nightlife.

What to visit:

1. Plaza Mayor: It’s the city centre; from here you can go to many interesting places just walking 5 to 10 minutes. It was the first square with a square shape in Spain.

Visit Plaza Mayor in Valladolid


2. Cathedral of Valladolid: It was built in the XVI century, designed by Juan de Herrera. It was going to be one of the biggest cathedrals in Europe, but due to economic and construction issues, they didn’t build half of the project. It has a free entrance, but you have to pay to see the museum.

Explore the Valladolid Cathedral

Valladolid Cathedral Structure


3. Campo Grande: Is the biggest park in the city, great for kids and adults, it has many trees and animals such as peacocks, squirrels, birds and ducks and fishes in some ponds. There’s also a big playground area.

Big Parks in Valladolid

Campo Grande Park Valladolid


4. Museo de Escultura: one of the most important sculpture museums in Valladolid. The museum has an extensive collection of sculptural ranging from the Middle Ages to the 19th century.

National Museum of Sculpture in Valladolid


5. Teatro Calderón: It’s the biggest theatre in the city. It has a capacity of more than 200 seats and they do a lot of plays during the year.

Theatres in Valladolid


Where to eat:

  1. La Goya: One of the oldest restaurants in Valladolid. Traditional meal and hunting food. Forceful dishes. A bit far from city centre.

Best places to eat in Valladolid


  1. Paco Espinosa: If you want a place to eat fish, this restaurant is a specialist in squid and sardines. It’s about 15 minutes from the city centre.
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Fish Restaurant in Valladolid


  1. La Criolla: This place is centrally located and positioned just off the plaza mayor. This involves large wooden trays of prawns (big ones), squid, langoustine, lomo, lamb chops and steak. There’s a lot of food and everyone gets stuck in and gets their share.

Food to try in Valladolid



  1. El Penicilino: Popular with young and adult people. The atmosphere is calm and alternative. It’s recommended to try the “penicilino” with a “zapatilla” (a kind of cookie).

Nightlife Cafes in Valladolid

  1. El niño Perdido: Great bar for having a cocktail. Situated in the centre of the city. The name of the place has a great history that you should ask when you are there.

El niño Perdido - cocktail bar Valladolid


  1.  Kafka: A place where you can go at any hour. Good for everyone. Sometimes it has live music.

Live music concerts in Valladolid


  1. Cantarranas: this is not a bar, it’s a whole area where there are plenty of bars and dance clubs to choose from, depending on what you like most.

Best places to see in Valladolid

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