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China is a wonderful and diverse country. Embarking on the amazing journey as an English Teacher for kids in China will lead you to experience the modernity of the fourth largest country in the world as well as its deeply rooted history and fascinating traditions.


Teaching English in China

Huadu District Position (Guangzhou)

Position: primary schools, middle school s, training centre
Location: Huadu District (Near airport), Guangzhou
School introduction: the schools are located in the Huadu District centre where the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is only 30-minute metro away. Most of the capitals of Asian countries are within easy reach. The schools are reputable public ones with at least 20 years history, yet all equipped with modern teaching facility and decent environment.
Salary: 18000 to 21000 RMB

accomodation english teacherAccommodation: provided
Teaching experience: preferred
Schedule: 5 days a week, 2 days off (not during the weekend)
Class size: 40 to 50 students
Job details:

  1. Textbook or syllabus provided
  2. English speaking is the main subject
  3. Teachers are required to teach in several primary schools, middle schools and a training centre.
    Most of the classes are for primary schools, while the amount of middle school classes is less.

An Introduction to Huadu District of Guangzhou

Brief Summary

Huadu was named after the Mountain Hua located in the area, meaning the capital of flowers in
Chinese. Huadu area was first established as a county in the Han Dynasty (B.C 202-220) and now
it is under the jurisdiction of Guangzhou City, covering an area of 970 square kilometers with a
population of about 1 million people. It is known as the North Gate and the back garden of
Guangzhou and the capital of China’s leather industry.

Location and transportation

Huadu District is located at the Northern border of Guangzhou city. Being an important portal of
transportation, it is connected to the national railway network by the Guangzhou North Railway
Station. Three metro lines and numerous bus lines are running through the area. Guangzhou
Baiyun International Airport, from which you can easily reach major cities around the globe, is
only a 30-minute metro away from the district center.



Yusheng Horse Farm

Enjoying horse riding, archery and jungle trekking in the beautiful landscape!

Prince Mountain Forest Park
Nature lover cannot miss Prince Mountain, Forest Park. Hiking in the highest mountain in the area,
enjoying the fresh air and waterfalls!

Sunac Resort
A complex of an indoor ski resort, indoor water park, film technology park and lakeside club and bar streets. Come and feel the vibe!

Leather Industry Park
Come and have a glimpse at the leather industry of Huadu District. Visit the leather product
museum and make your own bags in the workshop.

Ancient villages
Explore more than 2000 years history of Huadu among the ancient villages. Visiting the
traditional Lingnan style building, the Pangu Temple (temple of the creator of the universe in
Chinese mythology) and the watchtowers and attending the Cole flower festival and cycling
around the peaceful countryside.

Teacher job in China


Dongguan positon

Position: Primary school teachers
Location: Houjie District, Dongguan
School introduction: with the high-speed railway from Humen to Hong Kong coming into service, the public schools located in the area where the Humen Railway station belongs are now looking forward to learning more about the world by introducing foreign teachers into the classrooms.
Salary range: 17000 19000 RMB (negotiable) + accommodation allowance
Schedule: Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 12:00, 14:00 to 17:00
Class size: 40 to 50 students
Job details: Teach basic English words and conversations


Work in China as an English teacher


Foshan position

Position: Kindergarten
Location: Foshan, Guangdong Province
School Introduction: The kindergartens belong to a distinguished education group that aims to provide comprehensive development to every student. They have 3 campuses with modern teaching facilities and cosy environment in Shunde district, Chancheng district and Nanhai district. Each campus is expecting a foreign teacher to join them.

1. Native speakers
2. 20 to 35 years old
3. Bachelor degree or above
4. Half a year of teaching experience or above

Salary range: 16 000-19 000 RMB (negotiable) negotiable)+housing allowance
Schedule: 5 days a week, weekends off
Class size: about 25 kids
Student’s age: 3-6
Curriculum provided

Job details:
1. Set a positive learning environment
2. Provide age-appropriate activities to encourage the kids to learn English


Our agency includes the following accreditations
AccreditationsSBB · vocational education labour marketLiverpool & Sefton Chambers of CommerceAtlas & Cosmos Ltd.
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