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Guest in Spain (live with a Spanish family)


Would you like to become a Guest with a Spanish Host Family?

You will live with a Spanish family and get to know their language, culture, gastronomy while you make native friends.

Instead of paying with money, you will share your language with your hosts in exchange for your accommodations.

+5,000 reliable Spanish families in Spain who want to host a native English speaker.

The Guest has the opportunity to understand the lifestyle, culture and language of the country visited without having to cope with the costs of living in exchange for solely sharing and practising his native language with his host at least two hours per day and the agreed hours. This programme is mostly dedicated to adults and youths who want to interact with other cultures and/or reinforce their language skills by visiting other countries and living with a native family.

The Host or the Host Family practice the native language of the guest in their own home while performing daily activities.

Traveling to Spain and learn another culture

Those who participate in this program must have the following characteristics:

  • Concerned to learn about other cultures and languages.
  • Interested in having a real immersions experience in the culture, society and lifestyle of Spain.
  • Open to coexistence with people from other countries.
  • “Generosity” to teach the native language.
  • Welcoming and hospitable spirit.


What are the benefits of participating in this program?

Learning the Spanish culture

  • Save on accommodation costs. The guest eliminates accommodation costs during his stay in Spain. Occasionally and if agreed to by the host, some food could be included.
  • Selection of the host family. Invited members have information about the host family through a dossier and can contact the family before coming to an agreement.
  • Flexibility with dates. The guest along with the host decides when and how long the linguistic stay will last.
  • Guaranteed linguist immersion. The interest in a linguistic exchange is mutual, which insures practice of the language on both sides.
  • Guaranteed cultural immersion. The host families welcome and integrate its guests within their framework of coexistence, treating the guest as a member of the family. The guest coexists with the host family through activities, food, customs, etc., getting a firsthand view of the culture in the visited country.


What is the process?

Spanish culture

  1. We will need to know about you: your hobbies, destination preferences, available dates…
  2. We will find the family that best suits you.
  3. You will meet them through Skype or in person to agree on your exchange.
  4. Travel, enjoy your stay and improve your Spanish.


Payment conditions:

Total price: 490€

  • Down payment: 190€ (to be discounted from the final price). Must be paid once the guest fills the “Guest Form” and sends it to MyHOSTpitality Team and before MyHOSTpitality starts looking for the host family.
  • Final payment: 300€. Must be paid once MyHOSTpitality sends the Host Family Dossier to the guest. If the guest likes the Host Family the guest has to make the final payment before MyHOSTpitality gives the host contact information (e-mail or mobile number or skype id) to the guest.

Price includes:

  • Spanish Exchange family placement
  • Free accommodation during your stay in Spain
  • Support, assistance and 24 hours emergency phone number during the whole programme

Price does not include:

  • Flight
  • Travel and medical insurance
  • VISA
  • Personal expenses and pocket money


How to register?

Contact us, we will answer all your questions and send you a form to do your application.

Download the flyer here: Guest in Spain



  • Ensuring that Hola People works with the best schools and are inspected regularly by ourselves
  • We handle all the paperwork for you
  • Avoid risks and bank charges by processing your program directly with the schools
  • You have our pre-departure support by email and our emergency phone on arrival for anything you need
  • 1-week stays allowed

Map of Spain - Mapa de España

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