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A brief walk through the history and culture of Liverpool


From the industrial revolution to The Beatles, from its working-class neighbourhood to the financial sectors, its passion for football, art and culture. Liverpool is a city with its own unique style and way of life, and without a doubt lives up to its catchphrase “the world in one city”.

Perhaps one of Liverpool’s most crucial roles was in the 18th century, when its port, Albert Dock, was widely used for two centuries as an international trade and transport hub. Today the dock remains an iconic symbol of the city, and is surrounded by museums, pubs and shopping centres. Museums such as the Maritime Museum and the International Slavery Museum both portray well the rich history of the dock.


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The great geographical location of the port meant that it was able to aid the industrial revolution that was brewing in England at the time, and the mark it has left is still apparent today.

As revealing fact of the importance of the port of Liverpool to the Revolution Industrial can be noted that the first railway line in the world that offered covered passenger service, back in 1830, the route from Liverpool to Manchester, is said of the city where the goods came to the city where exploited and they treated. Today, from Lime Street Station, in the heart of Liverpool, you can do this travel for just 40 minutes for a very affordable price.

Apart from being the centre of continental commerce, Liverpool welcomed many immigrants from all over the world, especially Ireland, whose coast is only a few hours away. Due to the large quantity of immigrants Liverpool welcomed, there was an increase in unemployment, crime and poverty, especially in the suburbs. On this basis, the city is preparing for a twentieth century full of lights and shadows, especially shadows in its early days, with two World Wars (the second was especially hard for the city, It was constantly bombarded by Nazi troops) and bloody revolts workers, and union struggles. City tours are offered with this background context, and a War City Museum.

During the 60’s, the city began to flourish and modernize, the financial and commercial zones growing. It was then that the small port city of Merseyside. That was when the small port city of Merseyside was unveiled to the world with the legendary group it cradled: The Beatles. On universal myth they posed, and as the city of Liverpool is present in the various options in the city are offered, from tours of the many places that inspired his songs to a full museum getting immerse ourselves in all its universe.

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Finally we can not speak of the flourishing of Liverpool not to mention what now and for several decades it ignites the minds of the Scouser, football. Liverpool F. C. is another hallmark of the city. Without underestimating Everton, the other team of the city, but European and national achievements of Liverpool, in addition to the mystical aura that follows the legendary Anfield Road and chant “You’ll never walk alone” are a real pride for the city and it speaks of the passionate character of a swollen very attached to their city.


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