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Neonatology Nurse position in Amsterdam (Holland)


Company profile

You will be working in Amsterdam in a large hospital at the Neonatology department. This department pays an important role in the path of sick and premature newborn babys and has 53 modern care suites. In these care suites, all the treatments and care situations are completed here. Besides this, the suites are arranged in such way that the parents and child stay together during the entire care process. They work according the Family Integrated Care (IFIC).


Job profile

Working according the Family Integrated Care means that you provide care to neonates in the same room where the parents stay. It’s really important that the parents be supported in their parent role and that you guide them during the entire care process, from hospitalization till discharge. At the Neonatology department, there are much acute hospitalization, that’s why expertise, good cooperation and flexibility are important characteristics for you and the rest of the team. The team consists of paediatricians, gynecologists, obstetrician and social workers.



  • BIG registration with completed specialism to Neonatology Nurse.
  • Teamplayer, powerful and innovative.
  • Sense of responsibility, focused on results and quality.
  • Decent work posture.
  • Great empathy.



  • This is a fulltime position: 36hrs per week.
  • The candidate will be directly employed by our client.
  • The salary is negotiable, but it is mainly is determined by the years of experience according to the collective labour agreement (CAO ziekenhuizen, FWG 55). The range varies from € 2,665 to € 3,917 per month, plus compensation for working extra hours and/or weekends.


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