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Neonatology Nurse position in Amsterdam (Holland)


Mother-Child center 24 – 36 hours a week


Job profile

Our location is following the Family Integrated Care concept, which means working in a multidisciplinary team, where family comes first.

As neonatology nurse you take care of sick and/or premature newborn babies in high- and middle-complex care situations. We work according the Family Inegrated Care (FIC) concept. This means that the parents and child stay together, during the entire care process. For you as neonatology nurse this means that you provide care to neonates in the same room as where the parents stay.

One of our neonatology nurses describes her work as followed:

Every time you step into a room, it’s in a world of a new family, with their own culture and ideology. You provide care within your specialism, without disturbing the individuality of a family. This occasionally brings challenges and asks for some adaptability, but most of all it’s a very beautiful and inspiring job.

You support the parents in their parent role and you make sure that you guide them during the entire care process, from hospitalization till discharge. Besides providing care, you also have to recognize the technique around the care process. At the Neonatology department, there are plenty acute hospitalisations, therefore expertise and good cooperation are important characteristics for you and the rest of the team. As neonatology nurse you work together with (specialized) nurses, pediatricians, gynecologists, obstetrician, child physiotherapists, lactation experts, speech therapists, child psychologists and medical social workers. By working according to the FIC concept, there is an intensive collaboration in our team, resulting in good quality care.


Company profile

Inside the hospital, neonatology is a sub specialism of the department of pediatrics. As post- IC HC department, we have an important role in the area for the post intensive care course of sick and premature newborn babies.

Our location is the mother-child center where mothers (parents) and child stay together, during he entire care process, from hospitalization till discharge. This promotes optimal bonding between child and parents in low-, middle- and high complex care situations. Our location has 53 modern care suites. In these care suites, all treatment and care situations take place in an integral manner that previously took place in traditional delivery rooms, maternity ward and neonatology department.


Job requirements

  • You are a BIG registered nurse with the specialism of neonatology;
  • Except in rare occasions, European nationality is required;
  • Team player who acts powerful and innovative;
  • You have a high sense of responsibility and always give the best care you can; – You give high quality care and work accurate;
  • You are honest and have a lot of empathy.


Our offer

A work environment where you can optimally develop your talent and use it to offer our patients the best possible care – directly or indirectly.

It concerns a function for an indefinite period. The CAO hospitals apply. Depending on your experience and education, you will be ranked in FWG scale 55, a minimum of € 2,665 and a maximum of € 3,917 gross per month on the basis of a full-time employment contract (36 hours per week).

Besides excellent terms of employment with travel allowance conforming CAO Hospital, an end-of-year bonus of around 8%, a personal life phase budget ánd holiday allowance of 8%, we have more to offer: bicycle budget scheme, discount on insurance, discount at several local entrepreneurs and much more! If you want, you can switch an term of employment for one who fits best in your situation.


Our agency includes the following accreditations
AccreditationsSBB · vocational education labour marketLiverpool & Sefton Chambers of CommerceAtlas & Cosmos Ltd.
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