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If you are planning to study, live or work in the UK or moving from the UK overseas, you must first have certified translations of all your necessary documents. We work with a multi award winning translation company, whose experience in helping many clients with certification and translation dates back to 1991. We put profound effort into every document entrusted to us for official or certified translation. We pay special attention to the specific type of document, the country/organisation for which it is intended, names, figures, lists and addresses. Our service has a 100% acceptance rate to any UK body or to 89 countries around the world.


Bespoke Translation Project

We know exactly what you need and we will provide you the best results possible. We always work our best to meet all your deadlines. Because we daily work with sensitive and personal information we follow strict policies to guarantee you the maximum of privacy while working under strict legal responsibilities. For further information about our translation services, visit Eko 4 Global Services Ltd. website.

Official translations in Liverpool - UK


Localization and Marketing

It is known that every culture can be different and we want to offer you the best service. Here’s why our translations are tailored for the market you are going to promote and offer your documents. We will use specific words and jargon to make a better impression in front of your target audience.

Some of the characteristics of the job:

  • low prices (£0,06 per word)
  • express 24h translation
  • 82 languages of translation
  • 32 varieties of terminology

What we offer is:

  • No minimum charge: we don’t charge a minimum fee nor we ask for a minimum of words;
  • Price discounts: available when surpassed 8400 words;
  • Free consultation: free help when need a consultation;
  • Text conversion & text formatting: price inquiries for non-editable content and special formatting of complex forms;
  • Free scan and send via email: no additional fees for scanned and sent via mail translations

5 steps process:

  1. Pre-translation preparation -> up-front consultation and determination client requirements
  2. Consistent business translation ->  including text analysis and master content preparation
  3. Proofreading -> content and terminology proficiency check, grammar, and spelling check
  4. Editing -> professional stylistic editing of the content
  5. Formatting -> ensuring quality of added-value services

For further information about our translation services, visit Eko 4 Global Services Ltd. website.


Certified translation in Liverpool (UK)

Paying for Professioal Business Translation?

The professional business translation has the aim to create an exact translation of any business format document.

Whether it is IT, Law, Environment or more, the accuracy of the translation will always be guaranteed.

All companies should have a translation team who takes care of this part, but if the documents are not professionally translated, we could end up with quite an embarrassing product. Here’s why we guarantee you a team made of the best professional linguists and advanced tech, to assure you the best results you could ever have. Without spelling, grammar or stylist mistakes.

For further information regarding business translations, visit Eko 4 Global Services Ltd. website.


Language Groups

With different language groups, we can guarantee a language translation both for European languages and those from Asia and Africa. We provide proofreading included in the price, with an increase of fees when asked for an urgent translation.


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Our agency includes the following accreditations and collaborations
AccreditationsSBB · vocational education labour marketLiverpool & Sefton Chambers of CommerceAtlas & Cosmos Ltd.Marbella Family
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