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We encourage a creative and positive approach to education, that helps our students of all ages and races to develop their greatest potential.

Due to the current exceptional situation, all the courses we are offering at the moment are online. These are:

You can also attend our free online Saturday events: Personal Development ☯ Social Circle, where we chat about varied topics like Emotional Intelligence, the Law of Attraction or Quantum Physics.

Improve your personal skills, self-esteem and motivation. Walk towards your goals. Grow.



Joey Esposito · Personal Development courses in Liverpool (UK) · Social Language Learning in Liverpool (UK)

Name: Joey Esposito (Liverpool, United Kingdom), November 2019

I recommend this course to anybody who is interested in spirituality and self-development. I think it’s great because it provides so much information, which is all in one place and it’s very concise.

Each week we focus on a different chapter and there’s a lot of self-reflection which comes from it. And you can learn well about yourself, a lot of self-discovery and Esteban presents this information in a great manner.

It’s interesting to see how you can integrate it into your own life and things that you might not be conscious of before you come to the classes.

For me, it brought up new realisations, things to work on and, and something to think about how to integrate them into my own life.

Tania · Personal Development courses in Liverpool (UK)

Name: Tania (Liverpool, United Kingdom), November 2019

I recommend this course to anybody who is on a spiritual path or who has any intrigue in the spiritual side or if they are just drowned to it for whatever reason.

The reasons I would advise anybody to come to this course are for exploration purposes initially, but if you just come with an open mind, I think the way the course is presented is pretty Ego-free, which is very good when you are on a learning journey, when you’ve got somebody who is facilitating the sessions who hasn’t got a huge ego, is very receptive to learn themselves, so that kind of feel like if you were working in partnership but obviously there’s some expertise with Esteban who is delivering it.

So that’s a real plus if you are on that journey because the last thing that you want is somebody to be blocking your growth by being full of Ego.

Gill Lindsay · Personal Development courses in Liverpool (UK) · Social Language Learning in Liverpool (UK)

Name: Gill Lindsay (Liverpool, United Kingdom), September 2019

I would recommend this course to people who are interested in finding out more about the chakras.

Being positive, the affirmations, and it’s just generally a lovely course to be on, to find out more and meet like-minded people which I think is really important when you are interested in this kind of area of understanding.

So if you are interested in yoga, and pilates and overall helpful wellbeing, and holistic health this is definitely a really good course to attend.

Zoralys Rojas · Personal Development courses in Liverpool (UK)

Name: Zoralys Rojas (Venezuela & Spain), Sugust 2019

I strongly recommend this course for all those people who are just searching for more self-confidence, a better self-esteem, those people who sometimes feel lost themselves in their life.

I think that this is a first step to improve their lives and be better.

Peter Sebastian · Personal Development courses in Liverpool (UK) · Social Language Learning in Liverpool (UK)

Name: Peter Sebastian (Liverpool, United Kingdom), April 2019

Hi everyone, it’s been a really enjoyable experience with Esteban and the process of chakras to reflect on our inner lives, on our journey and where we might like to see our better selves moving forward in our futures, whatever that may be. Thank you.

Gill Hunt · Personal Development courses in Liverpool (UK)

Name: Gillian Hunt (Liverpool, United Kingdom), April 2019

Well, one of the things that I found revealing was this idea of the higher self and us examining things from a higher level and a higher plane and that each of us has this potential in us, in fact, that we can be the higher self if we can only work at it.

It has just all been absolutely fascinating, right from the very beginning. It has been fun, it has been entertaining, we have had our homework to do, we have been totally involved with what we have been doing, I would say it would be an excellent course to do.

Archie McKerrell · Personal Development courses in Liverpool (UK) · Social Language Learning in Liverpool (UK)

Name: Archie McKerrell (Liverpool, United Kingdom), April 2019

Thank you for this very interesting course, it’s been very varied, each week there has been something new by way of exercises, roleplay and so on, which keeps our interest and there has also been a sense of oneness between us. I remember last week particularly, none of us seemed to want to go, after the session. So thank you, I would recommend this to anyone, it has been a most interesting course, varied in every way.

Laura Caveney · Personal Development courses in Liverpool (UK)

Name: Laura Caveney (Liverpool, United Kingdom), November 2016

I attended the emotional intelligence course in Liverpool and found it very helpful learning about how to express my emotions. When I first started I was shy however Esteban and the other people who attended made me feel at ease and I started getting involved in discussions and role plays which helped with my confidence. Esteban made this course really interesting the reason I continued to attend.

Would highly recommend these courses! Well done!

Cosi Doerfel Hill · Personal Development courses in Liverpool (UK) · Social Language Learning in Liverpool (UK)

Name: Cosi Doerfel Hill (The Wirral, United Kingdom)

November 2016
The course on Emotional Intelligence was very informative and useful. Esteban created a friendly and comfortable atmosphere which facilitated learning through a variety of means. Thank you for a brilliant course 🙂

November 2019
I thoroughly enjoyed Esteban’s course, Chakras Applied to Life. Especially the fact that we were not only looking at the individual chakras one at a time, focusing on each at a time and learning about the Eastern philosophy and the Eastern teachings about them, but also because we put that into context with Western philosophy, Western ideas, even astrophysics and modern science.
Esteban’s delivery of the classes has been really interesting as well as the discussion with other people and the exercises he’s encouraged us to do and that we did together, individually as well as the games, the meditation.
So it’s a really, really well-rounded course offering lots of different aspects to it.
I would highly recommend anyone really to do it because everybody can get something out of it. What do you get out of it? It’s always going to be individually different.


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