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Opening a bank account in Spain

Opening a bank account is very common and easy to do, however the main question that gets asked time and time again is can I have a bank account in Spain as an immigrant?


There are many reasons as to why a non-Spanish resident needs a bank account, and in the case of immigrants, the motives are often work related. Spain doesn’t have a large range of financial products for immigrants, but some companies offer the possibility of opening current accounts.


Procedure and Requirements

Non-resident immigrants have the ability to open a bank account in Spain. In order to do this you must prove that you are a non-resident with a certificate that can be obtained from a police station.

  • Go to your selected bank’s branch and present your passport and certificate of non-residency.
  • Monthly documentation of your income must be provided. This can be either with the declaration of economic activities (DAE), your payroll, your employment contract or your last tax return.
  • References from the bank of your country of origin should also be presented.

It is important to know that bank accounts open to foreigners are only for a certain length or time and must be renewed at least every two years. If you are unable to provide documentation of your non-residency the bank account will close automatically. There are some banks however, which limit non-resident accounts to only six months.

Financial institutions in Spain rarely have differences in terms of bank account fees and services for non-residents. The only difference that you may find is that some banks allow the possibility of having a credit card, or overdraft on your account.



Before opening a bank account we recommend that you read the following advice:

  • Choose a good bank. Figure out how much they charge to have an account with them.
  • Bring all the required information and documentation with you before opening the account to avoid wasting time.
  • Read the contract well and clarify any doubts before signing. Account for non-residents must be renewed periodically so find out when this renewal date is.
  • The most widely used banks by non-residents in Spain are BBVA, Sabadell, La Caixa, Banco Popular and Santander.


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