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What you need to know before renting an apartment in Spain


The many contract offers on the Spanish market has caused the sector to grow 8% since 2015, driven by rental businesses that focus on moving professionals who choose the move to the less popular, yet expensive areas.


What precautions should new tenants make when deciding between apartments? The following list addresses the issues:

  • Don’t rent an apartment only from the pictures you have seen on the website. You should visit the apartment and take note of every detail so you can compare the quality with the price of the final offer. A good flat should provide water, air conditioning and heating as well as security. Talk with the owner about all the aspects of the space, and take note of all the possible details that may allow you to knock some money off the rental price.
  • If you know someone in the same area, ask them about their personal experience living in the area, since first hand experience is always best.
  • Have a copy of the contract in the flat, making sure that every detail of the agreement is stated.
  • The contract should outline the financial aspects (rental rate etc.)
  • Make sure the deposit agreed is also in the contract.
  • Investigate the price of similar properties in the area and compare your own price with those.
  • Know your rights as a tenant before signing the contract, also being sure of who should take care of maintenance of the flat.
  • The contract should outline the rules of the flat, and what the powers of the tenant are.
  • If your chosen destiny is Madrid, this is a city with great public transport links, from busses, trains and the metro. If you don’t have your own vehicle, or simply want to save money, it is more beneficial to find a flat that is nearer to a public transport station that can easily get you to your work, university or other activities that may be apart of your daily routine. Find some apartments that have less demand so that you may be able to obtain a grant by the Community of Madrid, as less busy areas tend to have more financial support.


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