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Sales Assistant and Customer Acquisition wanted in the UK

Job Description:

If you have a passion for sales and you would like to work for a UK branch of a Spanish company, you are more than welcome to join our team. We are looking for a Customer Service Agent, an active and enthusiastic candidate who will promote our services to potential partners and clients in the United Kingdom. Hola People is based in Liverpool, but its operations can extend all over the country.

The company offer comprises a diverse range of services, including
Hola People · Languages and experiences

  • Spanish courses in Spain and the UK. To a lesser extent, other languages and destinations

    • British people (and from other nationalities) interested in learning Spanish (and other languages) in the UK
    • British people (and from other nationalities) interested in learning Spanish in Spain, or other languages in their respective countries
    • Profile of the seller:
      • former or current students of Spanish (or other languages), ideally those who have been previously to Spain
      • bilingual people
  • Recruitment, aiming for both local and foreign jobs

    • British companies willing to hire employees or interns
    • Candidates for these job offers
    • For some offers, the target will be students from universities and colleges
    • For the positions in Spain, students of Spanish
    • Profile of the seller:
      • people with many business contacts
      • people in contact with study centres, where many candidates can be found
  • Event organisation including language exchange meetings, parties, Latin dance workshops and others

    • People mainly from Liverpool and surroundings interested in:
      • learning languages
      • learning and practice Latin dances
      • enjoying the nightlife
      • in general, participating in leisure and social activities
    • A good percentage of those people will be students from universities and colleges
    • Profile of the seller:
      • dynamic / extrovert people with many contacts in Liverpool and surroundings
      • people in contact with many students from study centres in Liverpool

#isHappening · Events organisation & Audio visual production

  • Audiovisual material production (videos, photos) and social media

    • Businesses wanting to promote its services
    • Venues like restaurants and bars also looking for promotion
    • Organisers of events
    • Profile of the seller:
      • people with many local business contacts, ideally knowledgeable about the audiovisual market

Personal Development courses and workshops

  • Personal development courses and workshops

    • Corporations
    • Study centres
    • Managers, Leaders and Entrepreneurs
    • Individuals looking for personal improvement
    • Profile of the seller:
      • dynamic / extrovert people with many contacts in Liverpool and surroundings, to bring students to the courses
      • people with business contacts, to offer them our courses


Key Tasks & Outputs:
  • Market research and promotion of our services to potential partners and clients. Physical meetings with partners and clients might be needed.
  • Partnership Management and Customer Relationship Management
  • Promotion of our activities to a targeted audience (universities, students associations, etc.)
  • Public Relations and possible participation to our events


Sales and customer acquisition position in the UK


  • English native speaker, with knowledge of the market and business contacts in the UK
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Passion for sales and willing to work on commission
  • Active and Positive Mentality
  • Honesty and Commitment


What we offer:
  • Payment on commission
  • Free attendance to all our events, courses and workshops
  • The experience of working for an innovative company


The Company:

Based in Liverpool city centre, Hola People facilitates opportunities for individuals to travel abroad for employment, educational and cultural purposes. With the aim of opening new lines of business and at the same time promote and publicise the company, we are also organising cultural and leisure events in Liverpool.

Hola People is the new UK branch of Aula Inglés, which is a 8-year-old Spanish company based in Madrid, assisting Spanish people to learn English, travel, and work abroad.

Accredited work placement company


Stefano Quiroz · Internship in Liverpool

Name: Stefano Quiroz (Barcelona, Spain), August – September 2016

I had long wanted to go to work and study in the UK. In August 2016 Hello People offered me the opportunity to live a unique and enriching experience in Liverpool. The selection process was very fast, I was provided much relevant information about life in the city and the company was very flexible on what day could come and start working. During the month of August and part of September I could enjoy the professionalism of workers HolaPeople, especially Esteban Tejedor whose character and closeness makes you feel part of the project from the beginning. Also, I could adapt very easily to the city and meet lovely people thanks to events organized weekly by the company. I have enjoyed and learned a lot from this experience, I have improved my English and I have met an amazing city, full of life and things to admire.

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