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The brain has an amazing unexplored ability: plasticity

brain plasticity languagesThe Cambridge Dictionary describes plasticity as “the quality of being soft enough to be changed into a new shape.


This means that our brain has the ability to change itself. However, this does not happen out of the blue, it requires certain conscious decisions for that ability to be of any use.

Don’t get me wrong, by empowering your brain’s capacity, you are not going to gain the ability to merge with the matter of the Universe like Scarlett Johansson’s character in Lucy (2014). Neuroplasticity will basically help you adapt to what could become a new routine or a new normalised situation.


Say you spend a few hours driving your car at 70mph and you suddenly find yourself in traffic; you are forced to reduce speed down to 50mph and you feel like you are going very slow. However, 50mph would be far too fast if you were driving through a city centre.

Your brain would have adapted to the new speed and made it become normal. If you try hard enough, you can make this apply to any aspect of your life, in order to change a routine in your life. Do you want to learn a language? Well, go ahead and do it! Your brain will thank you and it will change its structure in such a way that it will become easy to even learn an extra language or a new skill.


Mondays are, by far, the worst day of the week. What if we started the week on Tuesday? Our perception of it as the first day of the week would be so different that your brain would have to change the way it works. Your neurons would reprogram themselves so that the change does not feel like a shock.

This is how intelligent and self-sufficient our brains can be.


How are you going to train your neuroplasticity?

Let us know in the comments below.

If you live in Liverpool, you can attend our upcoming free Emotional Intelligence course and other personal development programmes.

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Salsa classes at La Parrilla

Come dance salsa with us in Liverpool Bold Street

Let’s put the cards on the table. How many times have you thought about doing some exercise, and you have ended up sitting in your living room looking for excuses until it is too late to go to the gym. No more excuses! Why don’t you try dancing Salsa?

Hola People gives you a place, good music, and the instructor, you only need to put the energy in!


Take a look at the impact that dancing would have on your life:

  • It will immediately make you feel better. Exercise helps your body create oxytocin, the hormone of happiness. So even if you are a beginner, the second you start moving your hips, you will be a bit happier than you were before
  • In the short term, it makes it easy to meet new people, make friends, and maybe find somebody special! You won’t have to make an effort to make friends because you will already have something in common. Dancing brings people together, and if you choose a latin dance, even closer!
  • In the long run, your body will adapt to the exercise you are doing, and it will be easier for you to move on to the next level. If you want to participate in the salsa classes that we offer on Bold Street, Liverpool, you can take part in three different levels of experience: beginner, improver and social dance!


Contact us for more information on the Salsa lessons or check out our calendar to find the next event!

Salsa and Bachata classes in Bold Street, Liverpool



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The best things to see and do in Murcia

Murcia offers the traveller a magnificent cathedral, the Royal Casino, squares, markets, bridges, shops and a vibrant outdoor life.
Murcia is a warm city, but not in the climatological sense – that too – but in the ethereal one. Its people are open and friendly; its varied and tasty cuisine; his parties and celebrations are intense; and a beautiful historic centre, for which it is a pleasure to get lost, finish the job with honour.

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impact ability learning languages Yorkshire Dales Malham Cove castle of Caernarfon in Wales

Day trip Castles of Wales

On Saturday February 10, I went on a day trip “Castles of Wales” which was organized by Daytripper Liverpool. First I would like to tell you how it goes. You can sign up for the trip by going to the office or via their website and book your seat online. On the day of the trip, there is a meeting point where you can get on the bus. Daytripper Liverpool wants to have everything perfect and they are really kind and funny. You sure will enjoy your day out. I did and I’ve had a day which I will never forget.

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Nursing home position in Belfast

Nurse positions available in Belfast, UK

Do you have a Nursing career and would you like to have an experience in the Northern Ireland?


A nursing home group is offering 6 positions for a nursing home in Belfast with multiple benefits:

  • English lessons

  • Possibility to start functions without IELTS as assistant nurse

  • Payment of the IELTS exam and in case it is needed, also for the second exam (no refund requested)

  • Permanent contract

  • £15 per hour

  • 37,5 hours per week

  • 24 days of vacation

  • Support for the accommodation: 1 month and deposit payment

  • Flights

  • £3,000 for relocation (delivered at the beginning)

  • There is kindergarten for couples with children

Experience is not obligated, as long as you like the profession.
Are you already interested? Send us an email to applications@holapeople.co.uk if you would like to apply for this job.

In addition, we have nursing positions available in other locations within the UK, NHS Trust Hospitals and Nursing homes.


Belfast city


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