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Study Spanish courses in Ibiza (Spain)


The Instituto de Idiomas is the first international language school with programmes of Spanish as a foreign language in Ibiza and is accredited by Instituto Cervantes. It is located in a privileged location right in the centre of Ibiza Town. With a huge amount of experience and programmes being offered, the school has become the main reference in education on the island of Ibiza.


The Beautiful Island of Ibiza

Ibiza is possibly the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean. After your classes and before the sun goes down, there is so much to do in Ibiza: It offers 54 of the most beautiful sandy beaches within 15-20 minutes travel time. Small quiet beaches, long white beaches alive with people and relaxed beach bars and hidden bays you can discover day after day. Nature here is incredibly beautiful.

The Island of Ibiza is a mirror of the Hispanic society, as its thriving economy attracts people from all over Spain and Latin America. In Ibiza the main language is Spanish with all its different accents: Andalusian, Northern Spanish and the different Latin American accents.
The world famous nightlife is located just outside Ibiza Town on a beach called Playa d’en Bossa, during the summer months in San Antonio and in some of the biggest clubs in the world, which are some 7 km outside Ibiza Town in the countryside so as to guarantee a low noise level in the city. As a result, Ibiza Town maintains its unique Mediterranean and mainly Spanish atmosphere within the city and its beautiful port.

Study Spanish in Ibiza - Spain

Weather: Average high is 28 degrees in August and average low is 12 degrees in January.
Swimming Season: May till October.
Summer Atmosphere: Beach, fun, vibrant atmosphere, nightlife, watersports.
Winter Atmosphere: Quiet beach walks, nature and villages, sports, tranquillity.


Things to do in Ibiza

study Spanish in Ibiza (Spain)

  • Explore the fascinating island coastline by boat
  • Visit Ibiza’s sister paradise island Formentera
  • Enjoy spectacular sunsets at the famous “Café del Mar”
  • Drink in the colourful atmosphere of the many fabulous Hippy Markets
  • Go to beach parties
  • Have a great time on some of our more than 50 stunning beaches
  • Meet new people and make new friends
  • Take joy in having a good meal at one of the wonderful “Chiringuitos” – Ibiza’s superb beach bars and restaurants
  • Discover hidden beaches
  • Enjoy the cosy atmosphere of typical restaurants with open fireplaces
  • Go to one of the many soulful and traditional village festivities
  • Relish the beauty of the almond tree blossom
  • Explore the island by hiking and mountain biking
  • Breath in the pure air and unwind by taking a nice walk along the deserted beaches
  • Sit back and enjoy a nice drink in one of the beautiful cafés with sunshine and 20-degree weather.
  • Visit the Aquarium in San Antonio, the San Miguel Caves or the Air Zone Park San Antonio (with fun with inflatable orbs)
  • Practice plenty of ports
    • Diving
    • Kayaking
    • Jet Skiing
    • Kitesurfing
    • Water Ski
    • Stand-up paddle surf
    • Hiking
    • Mountainbiking
    • Jeep Safari
    • Dancing
    • Paintball
    • Sailing


Ibiza Town
The Colourful Spanish Lady Ibiza Town

Ibiza Town is the island’s capital and with around 50,000 inhabitants it is also the largest town in Ibiza. It claims legendary status for its beauty and colourful nightlife. Whether you’ve come here for the clubbing or a lazy family holiday, Ibiza Town’s cultural heritage usually comes as a complete surprise. Nobody talks about the fortified town that rises to a dizzy peak on the sunbleached cliffs above the Mediterranean Sea. Regular visitors and locals are used to it. However, in 1999, Ibiza Town’s historic centre became a Unesco world heritage site, and ever since then, more and more travellers have been discovering its antiquities for themselves. So whether you come to enjoy the sun and mild climate, to discover the day and nightlife, the beaches, the nature or the gastronomy, you will have it all here during your language course.





School Facilities

The school moved into a newly refurbished building in 2012, which allows for a comfortable experience and a professional environment, ideal for learning languages. The school is modern and boasts facilities of very high standards. Students can enjoy the use of a lobby, leisure and welfare areas. The perfectly central location of Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza allows our students to experience the Mediterranean life in Ibiza firsthand. The beautiful and colourful port area is just around the corner, as well as the shopping mile and many stylish cafes. You will also find authentic Spanish bars and many restaurants providing everything the Spanish cuisine has to offer. From the typical Spanish breakfast – cafe con leche with a sweet pastry, or the great toast with tomato and olive oil – to Tapas, paella, fish or grilled meat dishes for lunch and dinner.

The Team

The Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza consists of a team of approximately 25-40 people, depending on the time of the year. With a maximum of 120 students at the school, this means that there is approximately 1 staff member per 3 students. We always do our best to guide our students during the whole of their stay.



Study on Ibiza

Spanish Intensive Course

20 or 25 lessons per week

Spanish Intensive Course + Private Lessons

25 lessons: 20 lessons General Spanish + 5 private lessons

Spanish Super Intensive Course

30 lessons: 20 lessons General Spanish + 5 conversation classes + 5 private lessons

Spanish Minigroup

20 lessons per week, maximum 3 students per group

Private Lessons One-to-One or One-to-Two

Individual class

Spanish for Business and Spanish for Tourism

20 lessons General Spanish + 5 private lessons of Spanish for Business or Spanish for Tourism

D.E.L.E. Preparation Courses

20 lessons General Spanish + 5 private lessons of D.E.L.E.exampreparation

Other Languages

The Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza is an international Language School which means that Spaniards also learn languages here. Besides Spanish, we also offer English, German, French, Russian and Italian courses. So you will also have the opportunity to meet locals who might be learning your mother tongue. On a regular basis, the school organizes language exchange events after the orientation walk on Mondays in a local bar. Join us, meet people and make friends.



Accommodation Ibiza
Choose your home in Ibiza:

  • Shared apartment/ flat
  • Residence/ Hostal
  • Host family
  • Hotel


Download here the Catalogue with all information about Ibiza and the Spanish school.



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