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Motivation workshop Liverpool

Motivation workshop (4th May 2017)

Price: £10 (on the door)

Duration: 1 h. 30 min.

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Have you ever thought of how your life could be if, you could stop feeling afraid and dare to do and be what you would have always liked?

If you would like to discover your true potential, this workshop is for you!

We will focus on:

– How does your past impact, consciously or unconsciously, and how has it been able to limit or sabotage how you to achieve success?
– How does the limbic brain make automatic decisions and automatically react without our awareness?
– How to reprogram your mind, to start over and release your power…
– How to develop a more positive outlook on your confidence and self-esteem.
– How to improve your motivation to set clear, challenging yet achievable personal goals.
– And how to motivate others.



  • Understand why you lack confidence and motivation
  • Ways to challenge fear of failure
  • “Reprogramming” techniques for changing the way you see yourself and the world around you
  • Improving your own self esteem using specific positive thoughts and different techniques
  • Identifying productive and unproductive behaviours and their effect on ourselves and others
  • Improving your confidence when dealing with people
  • Learn how to inspire and motivate yourself as well as others
  • Discover what a winning attitude is made of



  • Explanation of the contents
  • Mindmaps
  • Group and individual dynamics, games and role-plays
  • Observation and reflection exercises: sharing


Duration: 1 h. 30 min.

Location: LILA* school, New Barratt House, 47 N John St, Liverpool L2 6SG
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/DUsTBAtqnhz

Price: £10 (on the door)


Register here



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Be a better you

Personal development is a lifelong process in a one’s lifetime as it is an everyday struggle with ourselves that does not end when traditional education ends. This is actually the whole point of this process: the fulfillment of our personal potential, transforming day by day, to be a better version of ourselves.

Personal development cannot be easily defined as it involves a lot of things like self-awareness, self-esteem as well as a lot of soft skills like the ability to communicate your feelings and goals effectively. Those traits can have a very positive impact on both one’s personal and professional life and can enable one to build strong relationships.

Personal growth

There are however, some simple steps in order to manage your personal growth.

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