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Zoë Morrison-Griffiths · 1-2-1 Spanish classes (UK)

Name: Zoë Morrison-Griffiths (Liverpool, United Kingdom)
Programme: Online private Spanish classes (March 2019 – present)

I studied Spanish at university, graduating in 2015, but since graduation, my Spanish had gotten very rusty. I was looking for a way to keep up my Spanish and to improve my confidence, especially with my speaking skills.

I attended a lecture that Maria was giving in Liverpool about the Camino de Santiago, where she also gave a short Spanish language class. I was very impressed with her lesson and also found her accent to be very clear and understandable, so I signed up for one-to-one lessons over Skype.

I have now been studying with Maria for over a year and I am very pleased with the progress I have made, and very glad I started studying with her.

In our first lesson, Maria spent a great deal of time asking me questions about my interests and what I wanted from the classes, and she then tailored our lessons appropriately. I am continually impressed by the level of organisation that goes into her classes – Maria sends me an email after every lesson covering what we have done, and recaps any new vocabulary that I have learnt the following week.

Maria uses a wide range of tools and resources, including many resources she has created herself. As Maria knows I am interested in walking the Camino de Santiago in the future, Maria has taken me through a course she has created, which teaches me in more depth about the region and useful information about the Camino.

My confidence in speaking Spanish has greatly improved since I have been studying with her. Maria is really friendly and her classes are so fun and chatty- I always look forward to my lessons. Based on my experience, I have recommended her to so many people. My mum (who was a complete beginner) is now also studying with Maria and she also really enjoys the classes as well.

I would definitely recommend Maria’s classes to anyone who is interested in improving their Spanish, no matter what your level. She is a very experienced, friendly and creative teacher, and her classes are fantastic.

Kathleen · Living Learning Spanish in Spain (study with a Spanish family)

Name: Kathleen Murgatroyd (Taynuilt, Scotland, United Kingdom)
Programme: Living Learning Spanish in Spain (study with a Spanish family) (August 2022)

I really enjoyed my visit to Spain. It was well worth the effort of getting there, and the family I stayed with was very friendly, accommodating and willing to help me get the best out of my experience.

I was really apprehensive about going to a family I’d never met before, but I needn’t have worried. The lessons went well and the whole experience was very positive.

Thank you so much.

Tom · Living Learning Spanish in Spain (study with a Spanish family)

Name: Tom Kiehfuss (Napa, California, USA)
Programme: Living Learning Spanish in Spain (study with a Spanish family) (July 2022)

I have been studying Spanish for many years (14) and I have used it in my work as a teacher to communicate with students and parents. I also enjoy conversing with my Spanish-speaking friends in language exchanges, reading Spanish authors and listening to or watching Spanish teachers on Youtube! I am proud of the level I have reached and I have just reached a new level of proficiency after spending 2 weeks with Living Learning Spanish.

I am not a typical learner and learning a language is extra difficult for me. For example, while most people say, “I understand more than I can speak”, I am just the opposite. I can speak, but my listening comprehension is low. So, that being said, I have had to manage my own peculiar learning differences and when I am searching for a Spanish teacher I am looking for someone with experience, patience, and resourcefulness.

When I reached out to Living Learning Spanish they considered this information about my learning challenges and they found the ideal match for me in the North of Spain. My teacher Tess, her daughter and husband were so welcoming to me. They immediately invited me into their home as if I were a member of the family. Tess met all three of my prerequisites for a teacher. She adapted to my learning style and together we created a working/studying rhythm that was comfortable yet challenging.

Outside our “class time”, Tess knew how to create everyday language experiences for me. One day we went to the driving range and I joined Tess and her friend for a golf lesson. Another day we kayaked with a group of folks down a river. Most days she had many of her friends visit the house and one time, one of her good neighbor friends from Paraguay came over and she spontaneously decided to make us a typical Paraguayan meal! The accommodations were comfortable and everything you would expect and hope for: a comfortable bed, private room, luxurious and spacious bath, and a variety of places inside and outside the house to study or just chill out.

All in all, my experience with Living Learning Spanish, Tess, her lovely family, and all of the amazing people I met was a multi-level Spanish learning experience that I will carry with me forever.

Joey Esposito · Personal Development courses in Liverpool (UK)

Name: Joey Esposito (Liverpool, United Kingdom)
Programme: Personal Development courses in Liverpool, UK (October – November 2019)

I recommend this course to anybody who is interested in spirituality and self-development. I think it’s great because it provides so much information, which is all in one place and it’s very concise.

Each week we focus on a different chapter and there’s a lot of self-reflection which comes from it. And you can learn well about yourself, a lot of self-discovery and Esteban presents this information in a great manner.

It’s interesting to see how you can integrate it into your own life and things that you might not be conscious of before you come to the classes.

For me, it brought up new realisations, things to work on and, and something to think about how to integrate them into my own life.

Tania · Personal Development courses in Liverpool (UK)

Name: Tania (Liverpool, United Kingdom)
Programme: Personal Development courses in Liverpool, UK (July – September 2019)

I recommend this course to anybody who is on a spiritual path or who has any intrigue in the spiritual side or if they are just drowned to it for whatever reason.

The reasons I would advise anybody to come to this course are for exploration purposes initially, but if you just come with an open mind, I think the way the course is presented is pretty Ego-free, which is very good when you are on a learning journey, when you’ve got somebody who is facilitating the sessions who hasn’t got a huge ego, is very receptive to learn themselves, so that kind of feel like if you were working in partnership but obviously there’s some expertise with Esteban who is delivering it.

Gill Lindsay · Personal Development courses in Liverpool (UK)

Name: Gill Lindsay (Liverpool, United Kingdom)
Programme: Personal Development courses in Liverpool, UK (July – September 2019)

I would recommend this course to people who are interested in finding out more about the chakras.

Being positive, the affirmations, and it’s just generally a lovely course to be on, to find out more and meet like-minded people which I think is really important when you are interested in this kind of area of understanding.

So if you are interested in yoga, and pilates and overall helpful wellbeing, and holistic health this is definitely a really good course to attend.

Zoralys Rojas · Personal Development courses in Liverpool (UK)

Name: Zoralys Rojas (Venezuela & Spain)
Programme: Personal Development courses in Liverpool, UK (July – August 2019)

I strongly recommend this course for all those people who are just searching for more self-confidence, a better self-esteem, those people who sometimes feel lost themselves in their life.

I think that this is a first step to improve their lives and be better.

Programme: Internship in Liverpool, UK (July – August 2019)

I’ve learned a lot of things during my internship and I was happy to be able to apply my knowledge and previous experience in Hola People’s activities. Esteban as a managing director has a valuable ability to harness the skills of people, building a win-win relationship not only with partners but with his work team and friends.

I hope to continue working together in the future to enhance our skills in the pursuit of our entrepreneurship goals.

Sevgi · Language assistant / Au Pair in Spain

Name: Sevgi Nur Salman (Istanbul, Turkey)
Programme: Live-in Language Assistant in Spain (July – August 2019)

I would like to thank you again for this opportunity. The family is very nice and I am so happy to be with them. I also loved the city. Now that my departure date is approaching, I only regret not having heard of Au Pair before in my university life. This has been an experience of a lifetime for me as a newly graduated English teacher.

I believe this job is the right fit for those who want to have a great summer and be engaged in Spanish. I am more than grateful to Hola People Organization for their efforts.

Samir Soilihi · Internship in Liverpool

Name: Samir Soilihi (Guyancourt, France)
Programme: Internship in Liverpool, UK (April – June 2019)

Hola People is a great company that helped me in getting involved in different social activities such as salsa and languages exchanges and I’d like to thank them for that. You can count on them to help you live a great experience in Liverpool. They also offer personal development courses which are really interesting if you want to know more about that, Esteban really knows his subject and he has all that is needed to help you become a better person.

Cosi Doerfel Hill · Personal Development Courses in Liverpool (UK) · Social Language Learning in Liverpool (UK)

Name: Cosi Doerfel Hill (The Wirral, United Kingdom — from Germany)
Programme: Social Language Learning Experience in Liverpool (December 2016 – present)

Hola People organises excellent events!
For example, the International Language Exchanges combine friendly and welcoming hosting with first class tuition, making both learners and teachers feel valued and appreciated.
All of Hola People’s great variety of events benefit from the wonderful atmosphere the organisers create in a variety of stunning venues.
Well done so far Hola People!
I wish you every success – you deserve it!

Programme: Personal Development courses in Liverpool

November 2016
The course on Emotional Intelligence was very informative and useful. Esteban created a friendly and comfortable atmosphere which facilitated learning through a variety of means. Thank you for a brilliant course 🙂

October-November 2019
I thoroughly enjoyed Esteban’s course, Chakras Applied to Life. Especially the fact that we were not only looking at the individual chakras one at a time, focusing on each at a time and learning about the Eastern philosophy and the Eastern teachings about them, but also because we put that into context with Western philosophy, Western ideas, even astrophysics and modern science.
Esteban’s delivery of the classes has been really interesting as well as the discussion with other people and the exercises he’s encouraged us to do and that we did together, individually as well as the games, the meditation.
So it’s a really, really well-rounded course offering lots of different aspects to it.
I would highly recommend anyone really to do it because everybody can get something out of it. What do you get out of it? It’s always going to be individually different.

Maria N. Selina Öc · Personal Development Courses in Liverpool (UK)

Name: Maria N. Selina Öc (Berlin, Germany)
Programme: Audiovisual internship in Liverpool, UK (February – May 2019)

I had a wonderful time at Hola People during my internship! Esteban is inspiring and made me see my life differently. I went to his chakra courses, the language exchange and to the Salsa/Bachata, all of them were great events. Thanks to my internship I got to know the company, I would recommend it to everyone who wants to improve his life.

Julie McAdam · Salsa / Bachata classes in Liverpool (UK)

Name: Julie McAdam (Liverpool, United Kingdom)
Programme: Salsa / Bachata classes in Liverpool, UK (May 2019)

Esteban Tejedor from Hola People came along to our Spring Ladies Day Fundraiser for St Joseph’s Hospice. He ran a master class in Bachata and was fantastic our guests had a wonderful time learning all the steps and by the end of the class they all took part in a fun competition. So if your thinking of learning to dance or learning a new language or you are having an event and want some interactive entertainment please consider using Hola people you wont be disappointed..

Peter Sebastian · Personal Development courses in Liverpool (UK) · Social Language Learning in Liverpool (UK)

Name: Peter Sebastian (Liverpool, United Kingdom)
Programme: Personal Development courses in Liverpool, UK (February – April 2019)

Hi everyone, it’s been a really enjoyable experience with Esteban and the process of chakras to reflect on our inner lives, on our journey and where we might like to see our better selves moving forward in our futures, whatever that may be. Thank you.

Gill Hunt · Personal Development courses in Liverpool (UK)

Name: Gillian Hunt (Liverpool, United Kingdom)
Programme: Personal Development courses in Liverpool, UK (February – April 2019)

Well, one of the things that I found revealing was this idea of the higher self and us examining things from a higher level and a higher plane and that each of us has this potential in us, in fact, that we can be the higher self if we can only work at it.

It has just all been absolutely fascinating, right from the very beginning. It has been fun, it has been entertaining, we have had our homework to do, we have been totally involved with what we have been doing, I would say it would be an excellent course to do.

Archie McKerrell · Personal Development courses in Liverpool (UK) · Social Language Learning in Liverpool (UK)

Name: Archie McKerrell (Liverpool, United Kingdom)
Programme: Personal Development courses in Liverpool, UK (February – April 2019)

Thank you for this very interesting course, it’s been very varied, each week there has been something new by way of exercises, roleplay and so on, which keeps our interest and there has also been a sense of oneness between us. I remember last week particularly, none of us seemed to want to go, after the session. So thank you, I would recommend this to anyone, it has been a most interesting course, varied in every way.

Ruxi Helici · Personal Development Courses in Liverpool (UK)

Name: Ruxi Helici (Botosani, Romania)
Programme: Audiovisual internship in Liverpool, UK (August 2018)

Lovely team, amazing city and a very useful experience!
My internship for Hola People gave me a boost of confidence while also helping me gain valuable skills necessary in the working field. I had a great time and definitely recommend this to anyone who is interested in improving themselves and learning something new!
Wishing all the best to the team! Thank you!

Judith van Duinen · Internship in Liverpool

Name: Judith van Duinen (Zwolle, The Netherlands)
Programme: Internship in Liverpool, UK (November 2017 – April 2018)

My internship was an adventure which I will carry on for the rest of my life. Esteban was such a nice tutor/supervisor and he taught me more than I would have thought. I would definitely recommend this company to everyone. If you are looking for an internship, or you would like to have a great adventure, video or a great night dancing or language lessons etc.? Don’t look further, but go for it! Hola People is your company!

María González · Social Language Learning in Liverpool (UK)

Name: María González (Spain)
Programme: Social Language Learning Experience in Liverpool, UK (February – March 2018)

During the months of February and March, I had the opportunity to work as a Spanish teacher with Hola People · Languages and experiences in #Liverpool which organises great events!

It combines a friendly environment between teachers and students where you feel very confortable.

Thank you so much for let me get into this International Language Exchanges.

Hope to see you again lads! 🙂

Oliwia Pietrzak · Language assistant / Au Pair in Spain

Name: Oliwia Pietrzak (Poland)
Programme: Live-in Language Assistant in Spain (August – September 2017)

Hola people organization met all my expectations! Great and nice staff who helps and organize everything. Experience with hola people was great. It gave me huge opportunity to learn new language and have journey of my life. I recommend everyone to try it, because it’s absolutely worth it.

Nadine Debrah · Social Language Learning in Liverpool (UK)

Name: Nadine Debrah (Liverpool, United Kingdom)
Programme: Social Language Learning Experience in Liverpool, UK (December 2016 – June 2017)

The events that Hola People organises always have a great atmosphere to meet and engage in conversation in different languages with new people! It helps a lot when trying to build the confidence to speak in another language.

Laura Caveney · Personal Development Courses in Liverpool (UK)

Name: Laura Caveney (Liverpool, United Kingdom)
Programme: Personal Development courses in Liverpool, UK (November 2016)

I attended the emotional intelligence course in Liverpool and found it very helpful learning about how to express my emotions. When I first started I was shy however Esteban and the other people who attended made me feel at ease and I started getting involved in discussions and role plays which helped with my confidence. Esteban made this course really interesting the reason I continued to attend. Would highly recommend these courses! Well done!

Jose Iván Almellones · Personal Development Courses in Liverpool (UK)

Name: Jose Iván Almellones (Málaga, Spain)
Programme: Audiovisual internship in Liverpool, UK (January – May 2017)

I was working for Esteban during 5 months as an intern, it was a great opportunity to discover Liverpool and improve language and IT skills. Esteban is always very organised, he has a very long calendar with a lot of tasks what you can help with. At the same time, you will learn about many things, due to his different profiles like Hola People or IsHappening, both of them very helpful.

Oxfam, 35-37 Back Bold Street, Liverpool L1 4DN · Volunteering in Liverpool (UK)

Name: Ellie, Deputy Manager at Oxfam Bold Street (Liverpool, United Kingdom)
Programme: Volunteering in Liverpool, UK (July – August 2016, June – August 2017)

I met with Esteban Tejedor of ‘Hola People’ in Oxfam Bold Street and talked about inviting a teacher from Spain to complete one month’s work experience in our shop. A month later I was introduced to Arturo, who worked 10 – 6 Monday to Friday at Bold Street for one month. Arturo worked very hard and found working in the shop helped to improve his English skills, which would assist him in teaching his music classes in English next year. I would be very happy to work with ‘Hola People’ again and work with other people looking to develop their skills.

Stefano Quiroz · Internship in Liverpool

Name: Stefano Quiroz (Barcelona, Spain)
Programme: Internship in Liverpool, UK (August – September 2016)

I had long wanted to go to work and study in the UK. In August 2016 Hello People offered me the opportunity to live a unique and enriching experience in Liverpool. The selection process was very fast, I was provided with relevant information about life in the city and the company was very flexible on what day could come and start working. During my internship I enjoyed the professionalism of workers in HolaPeople, especially Esteban Tejedor whose character and closeness made me feel like a part of the project from the beginning. Also, I was able to adapt very easily to the city and meet lovely people thanks to events organized weekly by the company. I have enjoyed and learned a lot from this experience, I have improved my English and I have met an amazing city, full of life and things to admire.

Denise · Language assistant / Au Pair in Spain

Name: Denise (London, United Kingdom)
Programme: Live-in Language Assistant in Spain (July – August 2016)

The time I had in Spain was the most enriching and rewarding experience I have had. This was down to how well matched the family and I were put together. I had two children ages 4 and 6. During the Skype interview with Esteban, I described the type of family I had in mind and the next day, he had found the suitable family. I had a few video calls with the family and soon after my ticket to Spain was booked! What made this experience special was the number of people I managed to meet outside the family, yet at the same time I was able to improve my Spanish. At the end you really do feel you’ve made a difference when you see how far the kids have progressed. The mum had said that the daughter had learnt more English in my time there than her 3 years of English lessons at school!

Shani Morris · Language assistant / Au Pair in Spain

Name: Shani Morris (Liverpool, United Kingdom)
Programme: Live-in Language Assistant in Spain (June – July 2016)

I contacted Hola People in May 2016 as I was looking for something new and exciting to do for the summer. They contacted me back that same week, I went in for an interview and within 2 weeks they had found a family in Valencia that matched my needs and I matched theirs. I had an amazing time while I was there; the family I was staying with was extremely hospitable and caring. I learnt about Spanish culture and language just by being around them constantly. I got to visit lots of lovely places with the family and independently, and gained more knowledge in childcare and teaching.
Hola People were a really great agency to work with, there was no messing about, the whole process was professional, quick and easy and I would recommend contacting them if you’re looking for a new and fun experience. You won’t regret it 🙂


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