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Volunteer as an English teacher in Ecuador


The program “Time to Teach” is developed by the Ministry of Education of Ecuador, and executed by Edificar Foundation. We invite you to enjoy this wonderful once in a lifetime experience while teaching English to children and adolescents from vulnerable sectors of our country.

Come and be part of the experience of improving English learning in Ecuador by being a volunteer teacher in public elementary and high schools; and take the opportunity to explore a country with one of the greatest biodiversity in the world and a great cultural heritage.


The program consists of:

  • Teaching English to children and/or teenagers from public schools in the country (free education). Two options:
    1. Long term position: starting in the Sierra or Amazon Region from September 2016 to July 2017 (10 months). Applicants are able to arrive until October the 31 st.
    2. Short term position: starting in the Sierra or Amazon Region from September/October 2016 to February/March 2017; or starting from February to July 2017.
  • The volunteer teacher has to give 6 lectures per day (length of lecture: 40 minutes), with an average of 40 students per classroom.
  • The volunteer must comply with the teaching plan designed by the Ministry of Education and assess the students’ performance based on the criteria established by the authorities.


The program includes:

  • LONG TERM POSITION: Airline tickets (round trip) from the volunteer’s current place of residence to Ecuador.
  • SHORT TERM POSITION: Airline tickets (one way trip) return fly from Ecuador to the volunteer’s country.
  • Visa application to participate as a volunteer teacher.
  • Pre-paid health insurance for volunteer teachers during their stay in the program.
  • Accommodation and meals provided by the host family whose children study at the school where the volunteer teacher will be working. This will give volunteers the opportunity to interact and learn Spanish by being exposed to the language daily.
  • Monthly volunteer living allowance of $366 USD for teacher’s personal expenses.
  • Induction process and training regarding the Ecuadorian public education system and the English teaching plan developed by the Ministry of Education in order to have efficient and effective lectures.
  • A tourist event with other local volunteer teachers, organized by Edificar Foundation.
  • Information on tourist attractions and tours which volunteer teachers can use to plan their travels in Ecuador.
  • Information about universities and institutes that provide Spanish courses for the volunteer teachers.
  • At the end of the program participants will receive a diploma signed by the Ministry of Education and Edificar Foundation in recognition of their valuable contribution as a volunteer teacher in the “Time to Teach” Program.


General requirements for participation:

  • Being a native English-speaker or having at least a B2 English level according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).
  • A legitimate and valid criminal background check document issued by a competent authority in the country of origin/residence.
  • Not having prohibited entry into Ecuador.
  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae.
  • Pass a psychological evaluation required by the Ministry of Education.


If you want to participate and enjoy a unique experience, please contact us:

Phone number: (+34) 687 323 621

Email: [email protected]


Download the brochure here: Time to teach


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